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    Apple TV Update: Rumours About New Features That Might Surface With tvOS 11

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    Amit Srivatsa
    Amit Srivatsa Apr 18, 2017

    Apple’s latest Apple TV update — tvOS 11 — might bring a couple of features that we have been asking for a long time, such as multiple users signup and picture-in-picture.

    Mutli-user Sign Up

    Apple is finally expected to introduce multi-user sign up into Apple TV. That is, you can hook up more than one Apple ID with an Apple TV.

    That’s a big plus for families, or flatshares, where there may be more than one Apple IDs but only one Apple TV.

    “Connecting profiles to a TV is expected to be a one-time affair, with switching between them as simple as changing channels. Work on the technology is described as being in the advanced stages, but integration could potentially be delayed until a later point release,” reports AppleInsider.

    Each user will be able to access his/her own apps with ease. It wouldn’t be much different from what we are used to on a Mac.


    Another exciting feature to look forward to will be Picture-in-Picture. Where, and how, Apple might use it will be interesting to see because Apple TV’s most of the content is primarily visual, so having one video over another video/game might be a little too confusing!

    “Picture-in-picture may come to Apple TV too […]. Apple already integrated the feature into iOS and macOS. Bringing it to Apple TV would make sense as many TVs already offer the feature,” reports CultOfMac.

    Again, these are only rumours. We’ll have to wait and see if any of these materialise in the next Apple TV update. But that doesn’t mean we will stop hoping!!

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