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Apple vs Samsung Battle is Getting Closer Than Ever

Apple vs Samsung

Remember the famous ‘If you don’t have an iPhone, you don’t have an iPhone’ ad? It was an affirmation of the deep love Apple users have for their devices. This unparalleled customer delight has been a key contributor to Apple’s dominance in the smartphone market. But now, Apple’s biggest competitor – Samsung – has come within a whisker nullifying this advantage.

Too Close For Comfort

According to J.D. Power’s 2017 smartphone satisfaction rankings report, Samsung was just a point away from toppling Apple from the number one position. Apple barely managed to retain its crown with 840 points, while Samsung took a massive leap to end the race at a tantalising close figure of 839 points.

What makes Samsung’s climb even more impressive is the fact that their customer satisfaction grew despite the Galaxy Note 7 disaster. No one would have expected them to retain the second ranking, let alone make a run for the top spot.

The ‘Smart’ Solution

Another trend that came forward from the report is the connection between smart home devices and smartphones. J.D. power found that people are happier with smartphones that work well with smart devices like thermostats, lighting etc.

“Smartphone manufacturers that make it easier for their products to connect with other devices will have a major advantage in improving customer satisfaction as homes become smarter and more automated,” said Kirk Parsons, senior director at J.D. Power.

Apple would be happy with this development as they have already been pushing for smart homes with Home Kit apps and accessories. It just might help them regain an edge over the competition, now that the fanboy mantra is losing its sheen.

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