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    Everything You Need to Know About Apple Watch 2

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    Pooja Ramanujan
    Pooja Ramanujan Sep 8, 2016

    As anticipated, Apple has revealed the second generation Apple Watch at its September 7 Keynote event. Although the design is pretty much the same, there are substantial changes under the hood. Here’s a quick summary of everything new in the Apple Watch:


    Apple Watch Series 2 is still available in the same 38 mm and 42 mm variations. The dimensions are exactly the same, so you won’t be able to tell the generation 1 watch from this second generation upgrade just by looking at it.

    However, if you want people to notice that new Apple Watch you’re so desperately flaunting, you should get Apple Watch Nike+ (with the special Nike band) or the exorbitantly priced Ceramic Apple Watch Edition (it starts at 1249 USD)

    Water Resistant

    If the lack of design update made you sad, this should cheer you up: the new Apple Watch is water resistant, or, as they like to call it, ‘swimproof’. Apple still isn’t going so far as to claim that the watch is completely waterproof, but saying it’s 50 metres ‘water resistance’ implies the same.


    The S1 “computer-on-a-chip” used in Apple Watch 1 has been upgraded to the improved S2. The speed difference is quite noticeable. And the better OS-App integration is an added bonus, since it makes the device extremely smooth and lag-free, letting it run multiple apps at the same time with ease.


    Watch 2 comes equipped with an inbuilt GPS. This is a big news for runners as they don’t need to take their iPhone along for the daily runs. The Watch is still not totally independent of the iPhone, but GPS surely is a step in the right direction.


    It had been speculated that Apple Watch 2 would house a bigger battery. However, Apple didn’t mention anything in this regard, and their technical specifications page still lists the same 18-hour battery backup. It’s possible that the battery has been increased, but is delivering the same run time as it’s getting used up in powering the new GPS chip.

    As mentioned, Apple Watch 2 is still not completely independent from the iPhone. Which brings us to this next point …

    No Cellular

    The Watch will still have to be closely associated with the iPhone for many of its major functions. While it is not necessarily a setback, it is a huge hindrance to the development of the Apple Watch as an independent product like the iPad or the iPod.


    As for the bands that go along with the Watch, the usual suspects are still at large: Woven Nylon, Classic Buckle, and Modern Buckle. Apple has also tied up with more design partners, but they all lean towards the premium range, like this one from Hermès —

    Apple Watch 1

    In case you are wondering, the previous iteration of the watch is not going anywhere. Apple is keeping it around by dropping its prices. We think that’s a good strategy since it lowers the barrier to entry for first-time buyers.

    There is no confirmation on the launch date of Apple Watch 2 in India, but it should hit the stores before Diwali. Starting price is estimated to remain around the 30,000 INR range, and the older Apple Watch is likely to drop down to Rs. 25,000 or so.

    So that’s Apple Watch Series 2. Is it a worthy enough update for you? Tell us what you think. And don’t forget to read our take on the iPhone 7 and the details of its launch date & price in India.

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