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    Apple Offers Warranty Extension and Free Repair for Apple Watch Back Cover

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    Pooja Ramanujan
    Pooja Ramanujan Jul 16, 2017

    If you have a first generation Apple Watch, and if the back cover seems to be loose, or has just fallen off, then you’re in luck. Apple has just announced an extension on the warranty of Apple Watch back cover.

    “Apple has determined that under certain conditions on some Apple Watch (1st generation) devices the back cover may separate from the watch case. Apple will service eligible devices free of charge. Apple will authorise coverage for three (3) years from the date of purchase. (source)”

    This is being done because there were reports of the first generation Apple Watches having some trouble with the back cover. The problem was that the back cover would just fall down, or come off loose. MacRumors explains:

    The service policy has been in effect since last year and applies to any first-generation Apple Watch, including Sport, Edition, and Hermès models, even if the device’s limited one-year warranty or extended AppleCare coverage has elapsed.

    For now, the policy has just been launched in the US. We don’t know if Apple will bring the extension of warranty for Apple Watch back cover to India. However, we do believe that it’s highly likely that Apple customers in India will be able to avail this benefit if only a little late.

    Also, this policy hasn’t been announced publicly. However, MacRumors found out that Apple had given the instruction to its service centres across the country to extend the warranty of the affected pieces by two years, and to repair the Watch for free whenever applicable.

    We hope that this policy comes to India soon. In the mean time, if you’re experiencing any problem with your first generation Apple Watch back cover, then please visit the nearest Apple Store and ask for this policy.

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