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    Apple Watch Series 3 Has One Big Change and a Bunch of Minor Improvements

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    Amit Srivatsa
    Amit Srivatsa Sep 13, 2017

    The latest Apple Watch — Series 3 — has impressed us a lot less than we expected. In part because most of already knew what was to come. And partly because there wasn’t very much to offer at all! Here’s what’s changed with Apple Watch Series 3:

    LTE support

    This is by far the biggest change that separates the Apple Watch Series 3 from the rest of the group. For all intents and purposes, this is also the only change.

    Cellular support means that the new Apple Watch can now support music streaming (from Apple Music), making phone calls and sending messages even when the iPhone is not near the watch.

    Speaking Siri

    Apple Watch Series 3 incorporates a speaker system, and powered by a better processor, it can now handle Siri just as well as the iPhone. You can bring up Siri by speaking to the Watch, and it can also speak back to you, just like on an iPhone.

    Better Heart Rate Monitor

    Apple Watch has always been big on health management and fitness. With Series 3, Apple has taken it a step further by integrating the “best heartrate monitor ever made” onto the new device. It brings with it a whole new bunch of health and fitness features.

    Other improvements

    There’s the usual “annual increase in technology” part of the update. Faster processor, a longer battery life, new bands and casings, etc, etc. You know the drill.

    Usually, there’s also a clause about how the new model is “thinner and lighter” than the old one. But this time around, given that they had to integrate entire cellular technology, it was impossible for Apple to shrink the size down. However, they didn’t increase the size either, and that’s pretty darn impressive!

    Here’s a quick checklist of what’s currently in the market and the features that each Apple Watch variant offers.

    India Launch

    Apple Watch Series 3 will be available in India from 29 September at a starting price of Rs. 29,900. The complete price list for all the variants will be released in a couple of days.

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