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    Apple Watch Series Cases In Titanium and Ceramic

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    Team Applesutra
    Team Applesutra Aug 28, 2019

    My, oh my. Who would’ve thought that it would be Apple’s own software betas that keep spilling those juicy secrets? Not that we’re complaining! And this time, it’s Apple Watch at the forefront. 

    Not even a week had passed when the iOS 13 beta hinted (more like straight up told us) towards a September 10th debut for the iPhone 11. And the watchOS 6 beta is already tipping people off about the kind of Apple Watch models they should expect this fall.

    What’s All The Fuss About

    You may thank iHelpBR for the discovery of the new events. For those of you suffering from short-term memory loss, they are the same guys who found that iOS 13 was more than happy to spill secrets about the iPhone 11’s launch date. 

    According to the images discovered within the watchOS 6, what Apple’s planning to bring back…nope, not sexy back, is a ceramic case! And if that ain’t good enough for you, Apple is also introducing titanium cases for the Apple watch. 

    This is the first time Apple is using titanium for its watch cases. And going by the rumors, the titanium case will match the look of the new Apple Card, which will roll out this month. And the screenshots, courtesy iHelpBR, show 44mm cases for both the watches. However, the site claims that both titanium and ceramic models will launch in 40mm sizes as well. 

    The only thing uncertain is whether the new cases will be part of the Apple Watch Series 4 lineup or will be included during the launch of the rumored Apple Watch Series 5. Maybe the next beta software will ‘accidentally’ reveal that too! Fingers crossed! 

    Going by the past track record, Apple has introduced new watches alongside its revamped iPhones in the fall. And as we all know, Apple is expected to reveal its iPhone 11 lineup on September 10th, 2019. It’s most likely, these Apple Watch models will make it in the announcement. 

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