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    Apple Online Store for Indian Customers. Ain’t That a Tada Moment!

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    If you’re one of those Apple fanboys, who worry too much about the genuineness of the products, then this piece of news is gonna blow your mind. The Indian government now allows foreign single-brand companies to sell Apple products directly via the Apple webstore.

    Wait, what? Indians can now buy directly from Apple’s online store without having to worry about the product’s genuineness. And this is irrespective of the fact, whether the brand has a physical store or not. 

    Excited about the leverage, Apple plans to make the online store available to the Indian market in the next 3-5 months. All Apple has to do is duplicate its global webstore for our beloved country. And how difficult will that be! Just a few tech-heads to cut-copy-paste some codes and voila! Right? Well, no, it’s not that straightforward. But don’t worry, the whole set up won’t take much time. At least, we hope it won’t. (Fingers crossed!)

    The tech giant is already working on setting up the country’s first ‘brick-and-mortar’ Apple store in Mumbai by the end of this year. And obviously, we’re all super excited about it. Apple stores are not just like any other stores – they are destination outlets.

    Just like Apple products, Apple stores are fancy, elegant, and… very expensive. But they truly are a work of art which explains why they are on the list of the world’s top-ranking contemporary architectural designs. Not to mention, these architectural masterpieces make a great tourist attraction. And having one in our country is a big deal. 

    It’s All About The Money

    Moving on to monetary matters,  Apple’s online sales come from third-party portals like Flipkart, Amazon, and Paytm Mall. And about 30-40% of iPhone sales are generated from these e-commerce sites in India. By having its own webstore, Apple latches on the trend of online shopping and drives up the sales even further. And, in case you’ve forgotten, online sales of Apple products like Macbook laptops and iPads are already contributing to 25% of their annual sales in India. 

    After a successful financial quarter in India along with developments like these, it seems 2019 going to be Apple’s year. You can thank the escalated trade tension between the US and China for this. Since India is the biggest smartphone market, Apple is moving its supply chain base here and reducing its dependence on China. And the new government policies are working in its favor. Good for them! As wise men say, one man’s loss is another man’s gain.

    While we are eagerly waiting for the physical apple store, the news of the Apple webstore is cherry on the top. So, even though the store takes the time to shape up, the Apple webstore will be a blessing. Don’t you agree?                  

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