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    Apple’s Next Big Event Confirmed for June 13th

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    Varun Bhatia
    Varun Bhatia Jun 4, 2016

    Apple has confirmed the dates for this year’s WWDC. It’s going to be held from 13th June through 17th June.

    If you want to understand exactly what WWDC is.

    Although the conference will last an entire working week, the event to look forward to is the inaugural event. It will start at 10:30 pm (IST) on 13th June and will talk about the upcoming iOS 10.

    The event will also give us updates on the latest features added to tvOS, watchOS and OS X.

    This year’s event is scheduled to be held at the  Bill Graham Auditorium in San Francisco, which holds a special place in Apple history. The Apple II computer was launched here in 1977 when Apple was still a small startup.

    We expect to see some major changes this year. And one of the biggest shifts might be Apple’s rebranding of OS X as macOS.

    Speaking of the Mac, we are expecting that Siri will come to the desktop as well. Speaking of which, there’s some news that Apple might open Siri to developers so that it can be used with third party Apps. That would really be incredible!

    Apple Music, Apple Pay, Apple Maps and HealthKit are also expected to see some notable upgrades.

    But the announcement that we’re really waiting for is the redesigned MacBook Pro lineup. The world’s best laptop series is about to get some serious upgrades and we really hope Apple gives us a sneak-peak this month!

    When it comes to the Apple Watch, there’s some exciting news as well. The new models might come with cellular connectivity and be 20-30% thinner.

    There’s just so much to take in, and the anticipation is nearly killing us. As you can see, patience is not our strongest virtue.

    In all likelihood, you’ll be able to see the live streaming of the event on your iOS devices. Or, if you have a Mac, you can watch the event on Safari. Sorry Chrome users, you’ll just have to miss out as usual.

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