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Varun Bhatia

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Apple Watch price India

Things You Missed During the Apple Event

Yesterday’s ‘mini-event’ at Cupertino marked the end of an era. In what was possibly the last event at the historic “Townhall”. Tim Cook unveiled a new 4-inch iPhone SE and a 9.7-inch iPad Pro. That was the main course!

However, there were a lot of other things, minor dishes that added flavour to the event. Here’s a recap: Read more

iPhone 7 leaked images

iPhone 7 Leaked Images – Real or Not?

The launch of iPhone 7 is months down the line; and yet, the curious cats that we are, we can’t help seek out and revel in all the leaks and rumours going around the Internet. The latest is a bunch of leaked photos of what could well be the next iPhone! Read more

Siri on Mac

Siri Coming to Mac. Finally!

With the launch of OS X Mavericks, Apple showed its intent to bridge the gap between iOS and Mac OS. The Mac OS got a lot flatter and cleaner, to better mimic its mobile counterpart. Apple also introduced the ability to make and receive calls right from the Mac. Read more