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    iPhone photo editing apps

    Begin Your Editing Journey Here: Best Editing Apps for iOS & Mac

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    Ariz Suban
    Ariz Suban Jul 26, 2020

    I still remember the time when YouTube was being introduced (No. I’m not old. I’m just seasoned.) And while the concept of getting access to thousands of videos was definitely cool, being able to create your own channel was the most intriguing part of it.

    People used to tirelessly run for the perfect lighting conditions, re-shoot videos hundreds of times just because there was a slight tint and hue in the color scheme, and wait overnights for the videos to be rendered.

    But with the tech-boom we have today, there’s no need for those tiresome video or photoshoots.  Thanks to the millions of video and photo editing apps available for all platforms, you can now do everything with just some quick touches and pinches on your smartphone.

    But which best editing application should you choose? Here’s a beginner’s list of photo and video editing apps for iOS.

    Photo Editing Apps for iOS

    1.   Snapseed
    Platform: iOS
    Price: Free
    Category: Photo Editor

    Now, if you’re choosy about the way your photo looks, Google-owned Snapseed is the best thing to have happened to you. One of the best free photo editing apps for iPhone, Snapseed has a lot of features. Apart from making basic edits like playing with exposure, color, and sharpness, you can also use selective tools and brushes to edit certain parts of your image. Experts can layer up their edits, while for beginners, there’s a whole lot of ready-made filters available in this iOS photo editor!

    2. TouchRetouch
    Platform: iOS
    Category: Photo Editor
    Price: ₹159

    TouchRetouch is another awesome photo editor that looks at elements in the photos as objects, making it a lot easier to add, remove or modify objects. The app also comes with in-app video tutorials and unlimited undo/redo options!

    3. Luminar 4
    Platform: MacOS
    Price: ₹5100 for 1 system
    Category: Photo Editor

    Well, the new Luminar 4 is already being hailed as the future of photo editing. But one of the most interesting features of the app is the sky replacement tool. Let’s say you shot a photo and are not pleased with how the sky looks, you do not have to worry about masking the sky. There’s a whole package of ready-made skies waiting to be used. Sky on demand – who would have thought that would be a thing!

    Video Editing Apps for iOS

    1. Splice
    Platform: iOS
    Category: Video Editor
    Price: Free

    Splice is again one video editor that became extremely popular for vines. It does what the name suggests. It adds spliced up videos to form one cohesive video and can also cut different clips out of a longer clip. You get access to a built-in library that makes adding soundtrack a lot easier. All in all, this is one of the best apple video editing app in the store. 

    2. LumaFusion
    Platform: iOS
    Category: Video Editor
    Price: ₹2299

    One of the most popular mobile video editing apps out there, LumaFusion comes with an elegant and simple UI, preferred by most beginners. Instead of hassling you up with haphazardly thrown tools, LumaFusion allows you to arrange your work by projects, works between 18fps – 240fps, and provides dozens of easy-to-use transitions!

    3. Quik
    Platform: iOS/Mac
    Price: Free Basic Plan.
    Category: Video Editor

    From the makers of GoPro, comes the hiQ apple video editor app for one purpose only, making video editing quick! All you have to do with Quik is capture your video, edit, and post. The app searches for the best moments of your video, edits clips and adds transitions, all automatically!

    Paid or unpaid, all of the above video and photo editors have but one purpose only – to make your pictures and videos look awesome without any hassle. If you’re a beginner choosing your editing app, what would you prefer? Let us know below.

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