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    best habit tracker apps iPhone

    Health and Wellness for You: Best Habit Tracker Apps for iPhone

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    Adnan Nensey
    Adnan Nensey Oct 15, 2021

    If there’s one thing the COVID lockdowns have adversely affected, it’s our daily routine. The entire work-from-home and online shopping scenario has made us used to sitting comfortably for long periods. As the whole schedule of “normal” days has been disrupted, we need to get sorted with some kind of activity for health and wellness. Our fitness partner? The iPhone. The smartphone that I have loved and adored is now my personal trainer. Here are some of the best habit tracker apps for iPhone to make sure you get through your day doing what makes you healthy.

    Best iOS Habit Tracker Apps

    Streaks (₹449)

    With Streaks, you have the option to enable 24 tasks and add them to your To-Do or Do-Not-Do list. For example, you can build a habit of walking by asking the app to remind you to go outdoors. Also, you can add tasks like Do Not Smoke if you’re looking to kick the habit. The app can be synced with iCloud across all your Apple devices, and Streaks can detect the number of steps you’ve taken via Apple’s Health app. This habit-tracking app will help you sort your day out.

    Productive – Habit Tracker (Free)

    Productive has a fantastic user interface that helps you stay focused on good habits. You can build great new habits like reading, hydrating, and exercising. The app also has a wonderful inbuilt calendar that marks a successful day in the green. The app can send recommendations for must-have habits and send you statistical data. Though Productive is free to download, you’ll have to purchase a subscription plan to unlock certain features. However, during our usage of the free pack, we didn’t find it necessary to buy a subscription plan.

    Habitica (Free)

    Habitica integrates a fun RPG game with a habit tracking application. Your habits determine the score you achieve in Habitica. To power up your character, you will need to consistently follow good practices and stay away from bad ones. The whole interface will take you back to the 90s with its raw graphics and Pokémon type characters. Habitica is one of the best habit tracking apps for the iPhone, providing users a strong motivation to improve fitness habits. Habitica is free to download but has in-app purchases that let you subscribe or buy gems for improving your game.

    Habitify Routine Habit Tracker (Free)

    The best part about Habitify is how easily it interacts with Apple’s native Health app. Habitify can send timely reminders about when you should be hydrating your body or avoid certain bad habits and keeps track of your mood. The easy user interface can help you organise your day into multiple fitness habits and tasks. Users can also sync Habitify across their iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac.

    Fabulous – Daily Routine Planner (Free)

    The highlight of this habit-tracking app is how the developers have made the screen look like a college diary. Your tasks have a fantastic interactive screen that can help you organise your daily routine and encourage you to form fitness habits. Fabulous also has a weight loss programme that’s inspired by Atkins and HCG. Purchasing a subscription will give you access to a personalised training programme that can help you overcome the difficulties of following a set routine.

    Following a proper daily routine can help you overcome health problems. In modern times, these applications can prove to be the perfect motivator for you to help get rid of bad habits and maintain organised fitness habits. After scrolling through the App Store, we identified the above mentioned as the best habit tracking apps for iPhone. We hope this list helps you plan your daily routine keeping health and wellness in mind.

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