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    Guess Where Apple CEO Invested His Money?

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    What does Tim Cook – the world’s most famous CEO of the world’s most famous tech company – do when he isn’t thinking about iPhones, iPads, or the Apple Watch? Apparently, he is busy with thoughts of foraying into the eco-friendly shower head business.

    That’s right, friends, Apple CEO Tim Cook has made an unusual choice to grow his money – shower heads! Yep, he has invested a small part of his earnings (small = millions of dollars) in a company called Nebia. This startup manufactures modern showers that reduce the amount of water needed during a bath by a whopping 70%!

    According to Nebia’s website, their H2MICRO technology atomizes water into millions and millions of tiny droplets, thereby creating 10 times more surface area than a regular shower does. What this means is that more water comes in contact with the consumer’s body, and you enjoy a complete shower experience without using up that much water.

    Although it’s an interesting and ambitious concept, the Nebia project is going to take some time before it hits the market. The product is currently being tested all over Silicon Valley (including the Stanford University and the offices of Google and Apple) to get user feedback. There’s a pretty picture for you – the who’s who of Apple and Google enjoying a rain dance in the shower, free of any guilt that they may be wasting water.

    Coming back to Cook, this investment is part of his ongoing positive efforts for social causes such as LGBT issues, education, and disabilities. He is trying his best to bring about diversity in the technology industry by touching upon sensitive issues. And, that’s an appreciable effort, but shower heads? Really?

    Then again, why not? There’s no reason why the humble shower head shouldn’t the occasional consideration. Especially if they’re trying their best to chip into the cause of water conservation. That’s a merit-worthy investment. Unusual, but merit-worthy nonetheless!

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