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    Apple Watch is Already Outselling Rolex!

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    Amit Srivatsa
    Amit Srivatsa May 13, 2016

    Last month marked the one-year anniversary of Apple Watch. Wow, has it already been a year since it was launched? Time flies so fast!

    Now, even though the Apple Watch was never really considered a ‘smash hit’ by people, it did fly off the shelves and rake in a lot of sales. In fact, Apple Watch did so well in its debut year that it outsold Rolex by $1.5 billion.

    Just to clarify: that’s not gross sales, or net profit that we’re talking about. That’s how much Apple Watch made over and above what Rolex made!

    According to this Wall Street Journal post, Apple is likely to have made roughly $6 billion from its watch sales last year. In comparison, Rolex made only $4.5 billion.

    Note: Unlike Rolex, Apple has not yet released its annual sales figures, so these figures are only an estimate. However, given that it’s Wall Street Journal, we’re going to trust the numbers!

    Coming back to the Watch, here’s a fact that will blow your mind: Apple Watch sold more units in its first year than the original iPhone in its first year. And the iPhone was considered the most successful product of the decade! What does that say about Apple Watch then?

    However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows in Apple land.

    While Apple Watch enjoys the highest profit margins of all Apple devices, Apple’s actual cash cow — the iPhone — is seeing dark days. Its sales are dropping and Apple is zealously looking for new markets. And india sits right on top of that list.

    That said Apple will have to work really hard to cement its position in the subcontinent; even more so when it comes to pushing sales for the Apple Watch. It is still considered a luxury item here and there’s no real value attached to it. How to break that mindset is something that Apple will have to figure out.

    So, don’t be surprised if you see a lot of India related news from Cupertino in the coming months. We suddenly seem to be the center of attention these days. And we’re loving it!

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