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    Gaana Beats Apple Music and Other Streaming Services in India

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    Gaana, the music streaming service owned by Times Internet, continues to be at the topmost podium in the race of music streaming services in India. This is despite the entry of global players like Spotify, YouTube Music, and Apple Music.

    Out of 150 million monthly active users (MAU) in the country, Gaana provided on-demand service to 80 million people. This is more than half of the total users. And these numbers are only for this year, February.

    Gaana also topped the list of most preferred on-demand music streaming apps in India. As per a survey by CyberMedia Research (CMR), Gaana emerged as the most favoured App (25%), followed by Apple Music (20%), YouTube (20%), and Wynk (14%).

    Reasons Behind The Success

    Gaana hosts more than 2.7 billion songs across the genres – Bollywood, regional songs, non-filmy, and international songs. With such a long playlist, why wouldn’t Gaana witnessed 100% year-on-year jump in both revenue and paid subscriber? 

    Now that Gaana is leading with a clear majority, it is investing to take the service to the next level. The company launched voice assistance last year to improve the user experience on the app. Google’s text-to-speech powers this latest feature. It allows users to search and play music based on genres, singers, actors, mood, and more anytime, anywhere. Now, 24% of users enjoy this feature for a lean-back experience.

    The CEO of Gaana, Prashan Agarwal claims, “Our machine learning algorithms can predict user behaviour and almost 17% of songs are played as per recommendations from our algorithms.”

    Another add-on to the user-experiences is on-screen lyrics of the song user is listening. In fact, Gaana is only music streaming service in India that offers users to follow the lyrics of 80,000+ songs, right on the app. While users of other music services play songs in the background, this feature now keeps Gaana users engaged on the screen twice of their time, compared to before.

    Let The Gaana Go On

    The company’s investment in the new age technology has paid off. Also, the efforts put in to improve content and product have started to reap results. On average, a user spends 28 minutes per session on the App and visits at least 11 times a month. This means a Gaana user gives its more than 300 minutes a month to the App????????

    The trend of listening to music, using an App is on the rise, in India. In the ‘streaming era’, the digital music industry is shaping as a mainstream channel for those on the go. And both, local and global players are making the best of it.

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