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    Tim Cook India

    India on Apple’s Radar: Tim Cook Loves Us!

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    Looks like India’s becoming a favourite destination for Apple to sell their products. And why not? While its global YoY revenue went down by 5% in the first quarter of its fiscal 2023, Tim Cook and Company saw an 11% YoY growth in the shipments in India.

    Apple-ing our way through life

    You see, it’s not just the latest versions of Apple products that oil the wheels of the company’s sales in India, but the older ones are also chipping in significantly. The numbers are outstanding – 20 lakh iPhones made their way to India in the past year, of which 59% were the all-new iPhone 14 series. 30% of the 2 lakh iPads found their homes in our glorious nation were iPad Pro 2022 alone. 

    Yes, please, Tim, focus on us!

    And, apparently, the CEO just can’t take his eyes off India. He’s all ga-ga about amping up Apple’s retail game in the country too. Well, they had already set the engines in motion. I mean, there was a time when I felt that India was much of an afterthought for Apple when it came to sending its new products to India. Boy, didn’t we have to wait for them eagerly! Not anymore, right? Look at HomePod 2. Thanks to the online store, we had access to one of those as soon as they hit the stores.

    More will do us fine

    Apple India is also exploring a course of action that will make Apple products more affordable and give us more options to buy from. It’s only a matter of time before the first flagship store opens its doors in Mumbai (next month, I hear). The second one in New Delhi will soon follow. Talk about discovering the world of Apple in newer ways. 

    In a time when industries across the globe are fighting against the headwinds, here we are, enjoying all the attention we can get from the tech-giant. Nothing’s greater than love and for that we love you too, Tim!

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