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Download the iOS 14 Wallpapers While You Wait For the Update

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The wait for the big upcoming updates is long, but we’ve got something that will tide you over until the release finally comes. With any new update comes new wallpapers, and we’ve got the iOS 14 wallpapers right here for you!

There are 3 wallpapers in total for iOS 14, with two variants for dark and light mode for each. They come in gorgeous, dynamic grey, blue-green, and pink-red colours. Take a sneak-peek here:

You can also checkout the new macOS Big Sur wallpapers here:

[Wallpaper credit: Ispazio]

Beautiful, aren’t they? You can download the high-resolution versions of all these wallpapers for your iPhone, iPad and Macs from here: https://bit.ly/3eUWjqA

The next iOS update is expected to bring long-awaited features like free moving iOS widgets for the home screen, an App Library for better organisation, mentions and inline replies for iMessage, more Privacy options, and so much more!

Hopefully the iOS 14 wallpaper download will be enough to keep us satisfied until the update actually drops. Since Apple usually releases new updates alongside new iPhones, it’ll probably be September or October until its official release.

Until then, tell us your favourite out of these. What’s your next wallpaper?

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