Hey Siri, I have a question for Team Applesutra

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    Watch This Fun Video of Siri Reading Emojis! She Sounds Really Cute :)

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    Pooja Ramanujan Aug 17, 2016

    Let me ask you a question: What’s the most jobless thing you’ve ever done? I mean, think back to the time when you were bored shitless, when every second seemed to take 4 hours to pass, when the world seemed dead, what did you do to pass your time?

    I will admit with some amount of guilt that there was this one time when I got so fed up with shitty content on television that I watched 5 episodes of CID back to back. I was absolutely past caring by that time and, for a while, I thought I was the most useless person on this planet.

    But these guys are 10 steps ahead of me. They just took joblessness to a whole new level!

    Meet the people of motor1.com. As the name suggests, their website is a automobile information site. One particular day, some of their workers had a little bit of free time on their hands, and they decided to make the most of it.

    One person typed out every single emoticon/emoji in WhatsApp and sent it as a message to a friend. This second character had synced his iPhone to the CarPlay app in his Honda Accord. So when the message arrived, he did what every sensible driver should do – he asked Siri to read out the text to him.

    Now, Siri can be quite the humorist (read: sarcastic ass of a bot); but this time, these humans got the better of her!

    Here’s how. Siri can recognise emoticons, but if you ask her to read them, she’ll do just that. She will actually read them out. For example, she’ll recognize 🙂 as “smiley face” and 😛 as “face with the tongue out”.

    So guess what happened when she was asked to “read” out a text with scores and scores of emoticons? Well, she obliged and read them all! And it took her all of 30 minutes to run through them

    Amused, yet? Take a look at this video for a little more amusement. Get ready to be a “surprised face” or, maybe even “surprised face with raised eyebrows”!!!

    I’ll let you watch the video in peace, because unlike you, I’ve got places to be…

    *man running*

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