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    Dark Mode is Coming to iOS Devices This Year

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    Team Applesutra
    Team Applesutra Jan 27, 2019

    Apple’s next iOS version – iOS 13 is just a few months away and there are already a bunch of rumors surrounding its features; the most exciting of which has got to be the news about the dark mode making its way to iOS devices. That’s right, nerds, your beloved dark mode will now be available on your iPhones and iPads and not just your Macs.

    Why We Love the Dark Mode

    Dark mode is a fantastic feature of macOS Mojave, which when turned on makes toolbars and menus abate into the background, making for a distraction-free working environment. In addition to bringing the content you’re working on into greater focus, it’s also easier on the eye as all the colors are muted making viewing them for a long time less tiring.  And another great thing is that it makes your battery last longer as the display requires less power.

    In iOS, the utility might be lesser but the wow factor shall be the same. We can’t wait for see what the dark version of iOS looks like!

    Other Expected iOS 13 Features

    Some other features that we might be seeing in the iOS 13 update include:

    • For every one of you who’s ever complained about the iOS 12 screen layout for iPads, iOS 13 might just be what you’ve been waiting for. Reports indicate that it’s going to bring with it a screen redesign that does away with all the excess space between icons.
    • This update is also likely to allow you to have multiple application windows open simultaneously, a feature that Android phones have had for a really long time.
    • There has also been speculation about a new and improved file management system, but nobody is sure of how it will function. Maybe an iOS version of macOS Mojaves Stacks might be in the works?

    These are also just speculations and there isn’t really any knowing how many of these, if any, we might see when Apple finally drops this update which will hopefully happen during WWDC come June. #FingersCrossed

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