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    HDFC Apple Watch

    Know all about the HDFC Bank Apple Watch App!

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    Ariz Suban
    Ariz Suban Apr 25, 2020

    Did you know that HDFC users have the option to access their accounts through their Apple Watch? Bank account holders can use the HDFC Bank Apple Watch app to access their accounts, pay bills, recharge, locate nearby ATMs, and much more.

    Moreover, you don’t have to install the application separately on your iPhone and Apple Watch. As easy as Mobile Banking may be, WatchBanking (Yeah, that’s a term now) is set to make the banking experience even easier—and yet all the more secure. From hotlisting your debit cards to requesting cheque books online, let’s see what features the HDFC Bank Apple Watch app packs:

    HDFC Apple Watch Application Features

    HDFC has provided its users with various features that can be used on the WatchBanking App. Some of these include:

    • Access to Bank Account Details: Keep a check on information related to savings and current accounts, FD, Demat, mutual funds, and credit cards right from the watch app. You can also view the latest transactions.
    • Mobile and DTH Recharge: The recharge options are available only for pre-registered numbers. To recharge a new number, you can use the Mobile Banking app.
    • Hotlist Debit Card: In case you lose your debit card, you can hotlist it straight away from your watch. No need to visit the bank!
    • Account Statements and Cheque Book Requests: Similar to Mobile Banking, you can view your account statements on the watch app. You can also place a request for cheque books to get them delivered to your registered address.
    • Locate Nearest Branch and ATM: The WatchBanking app shows you the location of the nearest ATM and Branch on the map.
    • Contact the Bank: You can access messages from the bank and get in touch with the customer care through your Apple Watch.

    With so many features to make your banking experience even easier in this age of technology, the HDFC Bank Apple Watch app is a must-try.

    How to use HDFC Banking Application on Apple Watch?

    Step 1. Make sure you have the HDFC bank app for iPhone. If not, you can download it from the App Store here.

    Step 2. Your iPhone will have to be paired with your Apple Watch. Cross-check your connection before you start.

    Step 3. Go to WatchBanking on your iPhone from the main menu of your HDFC iOS app.

    Step 4. Due to enhanced security, you’ll be asked to set up a 4-digit WatchBanking PIN that will further be used to login into the application from your Apple Watch. Enter your Customer ID and password to create this PIN and continue.

    Step 5. Once the WatchBanking PIN has been set up, you can tap the HDFC Bank icon on your Apple Watch, enter the 4-digit PIN, and get started!

    How safe is WatchBanking?

    Like I said, setting up WatchBanking requires your Customer ID and password, in addition to your Apple Watch passcode and the 4-digit PIN. Additionally, inactive sessions get automatically logged out, and you’re required to enter your PIN after every 5-minute inactivity. The app pairs with only one iPhone at a time and automatically locks itself whenever the user takes off the watch. So, all things considered, WatchBanking on Apple Watch seems pretty secure if you ask me.

    HDFC has always been making banking experience easier for users. With its Apple Watch Banking App, you can take it a step further and bring banking straight to your wrist!

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