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    iPhone 11 hidden features

    Why is No One Talking About these Hidden iPhone Features?

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    Ariz Suban
    Ariz Suban Feb 25, 2020

    Apple keeps engaging users through tons of helpful features and updates every now and then. But while you might have already gone gaga over the stylish new dark mode and the handy haptic touch, here are some awesome hidden iPhone features you might have missed.

    1. Set a sleep timer for songs

    Want your iPhone to sing you to sleep but the thought of the songs playing all night long stops you in your tracks? You’ll be happy to know that your friendly tech giant has just the thing. Just set timers for however long it takes you to fall asleep and whatever media that’s playing will automatically stop once the timer ends! So now you can fall asleep listening to sad songs on repeat while you reevaluate your life in the dark.

    Clock -> Timer -> When Timer Ends -> Stop Playing

    Hidden iPhone features 1

    2. Create custom vibrations

    It hurts me to pick up my phone every time I have a notification just to find out it’s another marketing gimmick. So I’m grateful that, along with customising sound notifications for different apps, Apple gives us the option to create personalised vibrations too! With this, if you’re in a meeting or at work with your phone on silent, you’ll know exactly which app is pushing notifications and whether it’s worth the bother or not. Pretty cool, right?

    Settings -> Sounds and Haptics -> Ringtone -> Vibration -> Create New Vibration

    Hidden iPhone features 2

    3. Closed a tab? Safari’s got your back!

    If you’ve just unintentionally closed a tab, don’t panic. You can access a list of all the recently closed tabs in Safari by long-pressing the plus (+) in the tab window. So, don’t worry about losing your research. Safari’s got it covered.

    Open Safari -> Go to the Tab Menu -> Long Press the ‘+’ sign

    Hidden iPhone features 3

    4. Is that a backspace on the calculator?

    This might just be the most revolutionary hidden feature ever discovered. No more tedious recalculations just because your fingers slipped to the wrong digits. Just swipe left or right on the numbers and the last-entered digit disappears! And while we’re still talking about the calculator app, try changing your screen orientation to reveal the hidden semi-scientific calculator.

    Hidden iPhone features 4

    5. Hide your photos in a secret folder

    Ever had that awkward moment when you were showing your friend a picture but mistakenly show them something that wasn’t for their eyes? Yeah, we’ve all been there. There’s no need for third-party applications to hide these photos. Just select the incriminating photos, go to the sharing options, and select hide. The photos will move to your “Hidden” album, out of sight of anyone browsing through your main photo albums.

    With Apple regularly introducing so many excellent features, it gets a little difficult to keep track of everything you can do with your iPhone. Still, these were some of our personal favourites that will help you unlock the full potential of your iPhone and go all Super Saiyan! What are some other hidden features that you know of? Talk to us in the comments below.

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