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    New iMacs

    The iMac is Getting Some Sweet Upgrades

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    Eileen Potsangbam
    Eileen Potsangbam Aug 5, 2020

    In 1984, Apple introduced the Macintosh. That was 36 years ago. Today the iMac is often the computer that people think about when they think of the Macintosh. 

    Popular among novice users and professionals, the iMac can handle both basic and heavy-duty tasks with the same level of ease and is ideal for people who need a complete computer set up to work efficiently. It has three variations: the standard iMac, the iMac with Retina display, and the iMac Pro.

    On August 4, 2020, Apple announced a new iMac upgrade for its 27- inch lineup and smaller updates for the 21.5- inch and iMac Pro models as well. 

    Upgrades to the 27-inch iMac

    Apple refreshed the internals and display of the 27-inch iMac. Apart from that, there were no major changes to the design of the body. 

    The iMac upgrade introduced 6- and 8-core, 10th-gen intel processors to the standard configuration models with an option for 10-core. The 6-core iMacs have been upgraded to the Radeon Pro 5300 GPU, while the 8-core version has the Radeon Pro 5500 XT. You can also opt for either the Radeon Pro 5700 or 5700 XT for the 8-core version. 

    The refresh also includes a whole new iMac RAM upgrade. Fusion Drives have been rendered obsolete. SSDs are the norm now, ranging from 512 GB to 2TB for the 6-core model and 8TB for the 8-core model.

    The 5K Retina display will now have True Tone support and the option to upgrade to the nano-texture glass for an additional fee. And last but not least, the iMac upgrade has finally introduced a 1080p HD FaceTime camera that will improve low-light performance in dimly-lit rooms, and a studio-quality microphone array that will allow users to record great quality audio.

    Small Updates to the 21.5-inch and iMac Pro

    The 21.5-inch lineup didn’t get any major iMac upgrades apart from a small change. It will now ship with an SSD by default rather than a Fusion Drive. But we can still opt to configure it with a Fusion Drive instead. It otherwise features the same hardware introduced in March of 2019. 

    The iMac Pro also received a small tweak. Its base model will now feature a 10-core Intel CPU instead of the previous 8-core. However, the price will remain the same. 

    If you’re looking to invest (admit it, this is how all of us justify our insane purchases) in an iMac, you can do so from Apple Authorised Resellers in a month or so.

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