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    Most New iMessage Features are Not Available on Mac

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    Pooja Ramanujan
    Pooja Ramanujan Jul 20, 2016

    With the launch of iOS 10, Apple announced a plethora of new features for iMessage, each one more fascinating than the next! From cool animations to handwriting support, there’s plenty to keep us hooked to this new version of messaging that Apple has given us. If you want a quick look at the new features in iMessage.

    Now, we’d assumed that all these new iMessage features would be available on both iOS and macOS. However, once we got to use the beta for Sierra, we realised that we were in for a disappointment.

    lot of the iMessages features are NOT available on the Mac!

    Just to clarify here — the Mac version will be able to display the effects, especially the full-screen animations and the handwritten notes and stuff. However, the Mac version will not be able to create any of those effects. For that, you need an iOS device. The biggest new feature available on the Mac is Tapback — which lets you quickly choose one of the pre-written replies with just a tap.

    We haven’t even got hand-written text!

    While no one promised us anything, it’s still a bit disappointing to know that Apple is alienating us (the Mac users) like this. Although, in all honesty, we shouldn’t be surprised. I mean, we already have a precedence to this. The WhatsApp app for Mac (or the web service for Windows) has been around for quite some time now. We’ve seen multiple updates for both the versions and yet, the desktop version doesn’t support all the features of the mobile version.

    It has got less to do with coding than intent. The future of the tech industry is smartphone-driven. By having a website version that provides all the features of the mobile version, you’re giving people an incentive to move away from smartphones. This is something that companies do not want.

    So the conclusion is this:

    With the industry rapidly becoming smartphone driven, makers of apps everywhere are looking to keep us hooked onto our smartphones. The best way to do that is to provide more functionality in the mobile apps while compared to desktop apps. According to that perspective, Apple’s move makes sense.

    But we still hate it!

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