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    iMyFone TunesMate Review: An Alternative to iTunes on Windows

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    Amit Srivatsa
    Amit Srivatsa May 31, 2017

    TunesMate from iMyFone is a third-party iTunes alternative for Windows users with iPhones/iPods/iPads. This is AppleSutra’s review of the software.

    We love our iPhones/iPad/iPods, there’s no denying that. And if you have a Mac at home, then life’s easy for you. However, if a PC is all you have, then things can get a little complicated. Sure, there’s iTunes, but as we all know, it’s far from perfect.

    Its inability to selectively transfer files between devices has been a pain point for users since forever. And Apple is not a company that changes its ways easily. Hence the need for third-party apps such as iMyFone TunesMate.

    TunesMate is an easy alternative to iTunes. In their own words:

    Transfer iOS files to PC/iTunes without any problem. Simply drag your favorite files and drop them to your local library.

    And it’s actually that simple. Here’s our iMyFone TunesMate review.

    Once you install the software and hook up your iDevice to the PC, you should be greeted with this screen.

    Two-Way Transfer iOS Files (from/to PCfrom/to iTunes)

    As can be seen, TunesMate helps you transfer Music, Videos, Photos, and Apps between the iDevice and PC. Of course, media can be moved both ways, that is, from the device to PC and from PC to device. But iOS apps are not compatible with Windows, therefore, when it come to apps, you can only uninstall them from your phone. However, TunesMate does give you an option to delete multiple apps at once.

    Rebuild iTunes Library

    Often, when you delete your media from one of the devices, and if the devices sync, then you know that the media will be erased from all of the devices. However, with TunesMate, you can skip iTunes’ auto-sync. Instead, you can copy all the files manually across the devices, thereby rebuilding your lost library.

    Directly Add Music/Videos from PCs to iPhone

    TunesMate has drag and drop functionality. So if a friend of yours brings you the latest movies/songs in a pen drive, you can easily copy them into your iDevice using this feature. Just fire up the software, connect your device, navigate to the related section (Music/Videos), and drop the files. Done!

    Additionally, you can also selectively transfer specific iTunes songs or videos to iPhone. This allows you to maintain two separate libraries — one on the PC, the other on the iDevice.

    Transfer Music/Videos to iPhone from Different iTunes Libraries

    As an extension to the above the feature, you can even selectively transfer media from other libraries. You don’t have to sync your device to each of the PCs from where you want to copy songs/movies. You don’t even have to sign up on each of them with the same Apple ID.

    TunesMate essentially converts your iDevice into an external storage device, to transfer data from a PC (or multiple PCs) as and when you like.

    Share Cloud Music

    The iMyFone TunesMate allows you to share Apple Music, Music purchased from Google/Amazon, and other freely downloaded music to different iPhones, even to those registered to different Apple IDs.

    So that was the good stuff. Now for some of the things that could be improved.

    The Drawbacks

    First of all, I think the iMyFone TunesMate cost is a little too much for a software that has way too many alternatives. And while not all of them are free, they do cost a lot less than the  $59.95 price tag that TunesMate bears. Even with the 50% off offer currently running, $25 is slightly more than what most people would be willing to shell out.

    That said, there is a 30-days trial period and the guys behind TunesMate are ready to fully refund you if their product doesn’t meet your expectations. So why not give it a try?

    The other problem I had with the software was its UI. The user interface is a bit outdated. And while it does the job, it’s no looker. I really wish folks at iMyFone incorporate more of the flat look that’s consistent with the iOS and macOS world alike.

    Mac Version Coming Soon

    TunesMate is currently available for Windows only. However, iMyFone says they are working on a Mac version as well, and it should hit the market soon. I guess the software will be truly complete when that happens.

    For now, it’s a good alternative to iTunes, but hardly the best. Though iMyFone review is mostly positive, it is not the most comprehensive alternative right now. For most users though, it will get their work done just fine. There are a couple of things that need to be changed, but other than that, there is really not much to complain about.

    Final Rating: 3.5 ✭

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