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    Introducing the Apple HomePod

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    Varun Bhatia
    Varun Bhatia Mar 7, 2018

    Apple has gifted us some of the most technically advanced and coveted gadgets over the years.  iPhones, iPads, MacBooks and smartwatches have been ruling the tech markets of the 21st century. The year 2018 is lucky to witness the first ever smart speaker- The HomePod -from the house of Apple. The smart speaker can easily adapt to whatever is being played. It juxtaposes Apple Music and Siri to give a revolutionary music experience.

    The Apple HomePod is currently in the market in Great Britain, North America, and will soon be launched in Australia. Priced at £319 in Great Britain and $349 in the US, the Apple HomePod comes in a nearly 7-inch tall cylindrical style with acoustic mesh sides. The gadget offers transparent and aesthetic features while being exclusively luxurious in its presentation.

    The Audio Hardware of the HomePod includes a 4-inch centrally located high-excursion speaker unit with seven beamforming tweeters and room-sensing technology. This offers depth and clarity to the music experience. The seven beam-forming tweeters are wrapped around the core of the HomePod, providing a 360-degree sound. The system has an Apple A8 chip, and powering the speaker with it is identical to an exceeding variety of Apple devices.

    There are seven microphones on board, in order with which the speaker will hear the user. This is not an uncommon feature, though, since many existing devices in the market do have identical factors that help the microphones in listening to the commands of the speaker.

    The HomePod is HomeKit compatible and can be connected through Wi-Fi. It has instant pairing as well as stereo pairing facilities. Apple has confirmed that the user will be able to use the speakers in a way that they sync to form the music even higher.

    Speaking about AirPlay 2 and Multiroom, Apple has decided to delay Multiroom support till later in 2018. Apple is careful that AirPlay 2, a replacement feature of iOS 11, that is incorporated into HomePod, can aid the multiroom audio management just like Sonos.

    During its release, Apple claimed that multiroom practicality can be relaunched this year with an exceedingly free software package update. If the HomePod is within the room, users can raise Siri to play jazz within the feeding area, or play an identical song in every area -in utter synchronization.

    HomePod will handle advanced searches inside Apple Music’s catalogue, therefore one will be able to raise queries like, “Hey, Siri, when was this song released?” or “Hey, Siri, are you able to play one thing altogether different?”. Siri on HomePod facilitates multiple tasks like sending a message, playing a podcast, checking news, traffic, and weather updates, etc. HomePod being a HomeKit device implies that it will perform roles identical to the Amazon Echo or Google Home, and be a dominant alternative to other HomeKit devices.

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