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Apple Out with iOS 12.3.1 Update Already

iOS 12.3.1

In a fashion unlike Apple, the company is back again with the news of unscheduled update for iOS 12.3.1. Why is it unlike Apple? Because we all know how they take their own sweet time when it comes to updates, upgrades and launches. But now, after just 11 days of shipping iOS 12.3, there is a new update.

Unlike most other updates, there are no significant new functions or features. All they have are a few fixes and updates, including bug fixes for iPhone, iPad, and iPod. They’ve made a total of three fixes in this version, of which one is for calls, and the other two is for Messages.

What Does iOS 12.3.1 Fix?

The first patch solved the bug that prevented a user from making or receiving VoLTE calls on a compatible network.  While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, you will no longer be able to make excuses about not being able to take a call and blame Apple for it. So, back to candy wrapper and poor network tactic.

Messages received the other two fixes. One was the issue where the Filter Unknown Senders option didn’t work for some users, which resulted in messages from unknown senders in the conversation list. Another was that the Report Junk link didn’t appear in the threads in Messages. Both these issues were fixed, and users will now face no more problems due to this.

The iOS 12.3.1 is also the last update for the iOS 12.3 version. According to sources, iOS 12.4 is already at the beta testing phase. And with the WWDC on June 3, many are expecting the unveiling of iOS 13.

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