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    iOS 12.3 is Officially in Town!

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    Team Applesutra
    Team Applesutra May 16, 2019

    Winter may have come, gone, and left us all disappointed, but now the iOS 12.3 update is here. And really, that’s all that matters. We hope it doesn’t disappoint us like the fabled arrival of winter. But one thing’s certain – they’ll be no rushed plots or things being unceremoniously set on fire (spoiler for Game of Thrones or Samsung, who knows?). So, let’s get right into it and find out what Apple has in store for us with this update.

    Spoiler alert – It’s a good day for us Indian Apple fans!

    Updated TV App

    So, while the updated TV app doesn’t boast of a lot of new features, it does come with Apple TV Channels. This feature allows you to subscribe to third-party streaming services. And that means you can watch a lot of shows on channels like HBO, Starz, ErosNow, CBS, Cinemax, Sundance Now, and a lot more. Basically, think of Apple TV Channels as your dealer of TV shows. One who goes around collecting all the shows you want to watch and gives you access to them in a cohesive fashion.

    But the wonderful thing about iOS 12.3 is that it brings the Apple TV App to India! Yes, that’s right, Indian Apple fans. If you update your iPhone now, you’ll be able to access the TV app which has so far been unavailable in the subcontinent. And what this means is that when Apple TV+ finally launches in autumn, we’ll be able to enjoy it too. Talk about some good news to perk up a dreary day!

    AirPlay 2 enabled Smart TVs

    AirPlay 2 and HomeKit are now on your favourite smart TV whether it be Samsung, Sony, LG, or Vizo. So, some of the changes in iOS 12.3 will support this feature. One of them allows you to one-tap playback any movie or TV show of your choice on the last screen used by you based on your time and location. The other is that Siri Suggestions for films and TV now also include an option to AirPlay. And the best part? All of this is done on your device ensuring that details of what you’re watching can’t be seen by anyone else. So, whether it’s those cheap thrills you get from watching Gossip Girl or cried 44 times over Marley and Me, your secret is safe with Apple!

    Apple Wallet

    And just as iOS 12.3 is prepping your iPhone to host a bunch of new features, the Apple Wallet has also been revamped just in time for the launch of the Apple Card. The app now displays more than ever recent transactions as well as displays your purchases on a map to show exactly where you spent. A clearer image of my unhealthy spending habits AKA precisely what I didn’t need.

    So, those are the three main features of this update. Are you happy with them or is your hand still held out for just a little bit more? Let us know in the comments section!

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