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iOS 12 Installation Base Has Reached an Impressive 80%

iOS 12 installed base

It wasn’t too long ago (well, back in January actually) that Apple updated the numbers on their iOS 12 installation base. A month later, the leading tech company has shared a second update. With a 5% increase in the number of compatible devices running on the current generation iOS 12, the number has now jumped to 80%.

In their last update made on 1 January 2019, 75% of all compatible devices were running on iOS 12, and 78% of those devices were released in the last four years.

The new report released on Apple’s App Store Developer page revealed the rise in the number of adoption rates of iOS 12. According to the latest update, 80% of all compatible devices – iPhone, iPad, and iPod – now run on iOS 12, of which 83% of all devices were introduced in the last four years.

It’s not a surprising result though since iOS 12 had been performing well ever since its initial release alongside iPhone XS and XR in September 2018. In just a month, the adoption rates hit 53%, and the graph only went upwards. By December, the number bumped to 70%.

The previous generation iOS 11, on the other hand, only had a 65% installed base in Jan 2018, which is 10% lower than iOS 12 numbers last month.

The popularity of the new Apple OS can be credited to the host of features that it offers to customer smartphones and tablets, from impressive photography tools to the ARKit 2 augmented reality platform, Group FaceTime, new Memoji characters, and more.

And Apple definitely isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. Reports state that the Cupertino-based company is already testing out iOS 12.2 which is in the beta phase. The new update will have minor bug fixes, tweaks in the UI, a redesigned Remote interface for Control Center, and more.

The giant tech will keep rolling out newer updates and new products one after the other in quick succession. The question is, will you be able to keep up with their pace?

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