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    List of Everything New in iOS 9.1 & El Capitan Updates

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    Varun Bhatia
    Varun Bhatia Oct 23, 2015

    Apple has released a slew of major updates for its mobile and Mac operating systems. The focus of both the updates is on two things – bug fixes and emojis. Here’s a complete list of everything new in iOS 9.1 and Mac OS X 10.1.1

    iOS 9.1


    There are plenty of new emojis to choose from, including the middle finger!


    Apple has added to its collection of pre-installed wallpapers with planet pics.

    Contact photos in messages

    You now have the option of turning off contact photo display in messages. It’s available in Settings > Messages

    Minor tweak in shift key

    There is a very subtle change in the way the shift key looks.

    Error fixing

    Apple has made under the hood corrections, including a Live Photos update. It senses when you lower and raise your camera, thus preventing accidental ground shots.

    iPad Pro and Apple TV compatibility

    iOS 9 is ready and waiting for iPad Pro. Remote app and Airplay compatibility with Apple TV have also been added.

    Apple News in UK

    iOS 9.1 brings the News app to UK. Sadly, there are no signs of an India release yet.

    El Capitan


    Apple’s new found love for emojis spills over to the Mac too, as the 10.11.1 update brings 150+ emojis to the Mac OS!Microsoft Office Fixes

    Office on Mac has been a nightmare, especially since the launch of El Capitan. This update promises to address the issues for Office 2011 and 2016 both. Fingers crossed!

    Apple Mail Fixes

    Another app that was broken by El Capitan is Apple’s own Mail client. Apple claims to have fixed the missing messages and server error issues with this update.

    Other Fixes

    Audio unit plugins, VoiceOver reality and other errors have also been addressed.

    We have updated both the software and so far things look smoother than before. But it’s too early to thank Apple for fixing all the problems.

    What about you? Have you updated? Are things better or worse for you?

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