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    6 New Features in iOS 9.3 Compared With Android

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    Amit Srivatsa
    Amit Srivatsa Jan 12, 2016

    Apple has launched a preview of the latest iteration of their mobile operating system — iOS 9.3. For now, it’s just a “preview” of the best new features; but what’s even more interesting is that this is the first time a minor update is getting a preview page on the Apple website.

    Although not available to the public as of now, it’s only a matter of weeks before iOS 9.3 becomes available.

    As is tradition, let’s dive right into the new features we can look forward to in iOS 9.3, and how they compare to Android (of course).

    1. Night Shift

    Night Shift uses the clock and geolocation on your iOS device to determine when it’s sundown in your area. Then it automatically shifts the colors in your display to the warmer end of the spectrum, making it easier on your eyes. In the morning, it returns the image to its regular settings.

    In Android: Although not natively built into Android, this feature is available on the Cyanogen-Mod (running on the Yureka and OnePlus phones). A lot of launchers/themes have this option as well.

    2. Notes

    We use Notes to store a lot of information, some of which could be sensitive (like financial details, medical info, or website logins). You can now secure all that information using a password or fingerprint. Neat!

    Another update in Notes is the ability to sort. You can now sort your notes by date created, date modified, or alphabetically.

    In Android: The Google Keep app is also highly functional. In fact, in some cases, it’s ahead of Notes. But even the most hardcore of Android fans will have to accept that Apple has apparently edged past here.

    3. News

    Apple has always struggled with getting the News App right. Design flaws and lack of universality were the main reasons that the App couldn’t take off. Apple promises that this new version is much better at predicting stories that will interest you. Also, from what we can see, the design looks fresh and natural.

    Whether it can keep up with the competition will be decided after we get our hands on the latest version. For now, we will just take Apple’s word for it.

    In Android: The Google News app is way better. Although it’s still not a threat to the news feeder giants like Feedly, the android version is still a long way ahead of Apple News. Apple, you have to do a lot of catching up!

    4. Health

    Health and fitness apps are all the rage nowadays. And of course, Apple doesn’t want to be left behind. The revamped Health app can now display your move, exercise, and stand data, as well as your goals.

    Better integration with Apple Watch as well as a host of other third-party applications is also being promised by Apple.

    In Android: The Android equivalent for Health is Google Fit. Both the apps are neck to neck regarding functionality. In fact, the availability of features and the ease of use for both is so similar that we are calling this bout a tie!

    5. CarPlay

    The app has been redesigned to be more location aware. It can now find gas, parking, restaurants, coffee, and more with a tap. The app has also gained better integration with Apple Music.

    CarPlay is probably the least used app in this list, but we have included it because it is also the one with the largest potential. With Apple’s grand plans for launching a car looking more concrete than ever, we are inclined to believe that CarPlay is going to be a lot bigger very soon.

    In Android: Although a bunch of third-party apps are available in the Google Play Store, there isn’t one app that links your cell phone to the car so well. Apple definitely has the better deal here.

    6. Education Preview

    There’s no denying that Apple has a very strong presence in Education; And with Education Preview, Apple is hoping to dig deeper into the industry. This iPad-only app is promising to reshape teacher-student interactions.

    The Apple website proclaims: “In iOS 9.3, you’ll find a preview of new features that will make it even easier for schools to put devices where they’ll have the greatest impact — in the hands of students.

    In Android: Again, Google seems to be left behind here. We say, “seems to be” because we know better than to underestimate Google. The amount of R&D Google has under its belt is staggering, and we wouldn’t be (too) surprised if they announced the cure for cancer this weekend!

    For now, though, let us concentrate on the most definitive news — iOS 9.3. It’s almost at our doorstep, and we’re eagerly waiting for it to knock so that we can invite it in and have a party!

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