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    iOS Developers in India, You Might Wanna Read This

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    If you’re an app developer in India, you might want to read this one. Starting October, the Reserve Bank of India has changed the policy for recurring charges. This means users in India will have to authenticate the auto-payment method that until now happened automatically. These banking transactions updated by the RBI will affect the automatic renewal of subscriptions for in-app purchases. Therefore, Apple has released a document for iOS developers in India on its developer’s website as a guide.

    The auto-debit method went into effect on 1 October, and app makers are likely to see its consequences soon. To deal with the new changes, Apple has advice for app developers on in-app subscriptions. This is to ensure that customers aren’t blocked from using paid services due to declined payments.

    Other Payment Options for Auto-Renewable Subscriptions

    For one, the company advises app developers in India to allow users to complete payment within a set grace period. This will allow subscribers who face issues with payment to update their information without losing access to the paid services.

    Further, the company has asked Indian app developers to promote using Apple ID funds for subscription payments. Recently, Apple introduced the option to add funds to Apple ID using UPI, RuPay, and other leading credit and debit cards. Apple also said developers can provide in-app messages to users when payment issues occur, detailing how to fix it and the options available to the user.

    Though the two-factor authentication for auto-debit payments adds a level of security, it may be kind of an inconvenience for recurring charges like monthly subscription payments. Policy changes like these can easily lead iOS developers in India to lose customers, so it’s important to put your plans in place and guide your users from the beginning.

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