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    iPad 2019: The iPad that You and Me Should be Happy With

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    Team Applesutra
    Team Applesutra Sep 11, 2019

    The stars of Apple’s Sep’19 keynote event were no doubt, the new iPhone11, iPhone11 Pro, and iPhone11 Pro max. But the update version of the iPad received more than expect nods in appreciation.

    For starters, even though suffixes like Air, Mini, or Pro are missing, the new iPad is a more-evolved device than others. With the more favorable screen size of 10.2 inches modern-feeling, it is here to replace the standard 9.7 inches iPad.

    To be honest, this change is here to erase the line of difference between the standard iPad and expensive iPad Pro. However, with the new iPad, Tim Cook and his team played smart by pitch it as a laptop replacement. They claim the new iPad offers 2X the performance of the “the best selling Windows laptop.”

    So, what’s so special about this iPad?


    The new 7th generation 10.2-inch iPad comes with iPadOS. (the new dedicated operating system for iPads) iPadOS is derived version iOS 13, designed to compatible with functionalities of an iPad.   

    Dark Mode

    Just like iOS 13, there’s Dark Mode in iPadOS. It’s quite a useful feature if you are one of those binge-watch at 11 pm. Or one of those night owls. Interestingly, there is a built-in option for sunrise and sunset to be the trigger. Or you can set your own schedule based on an explicit time of day.

    Files App

    Not only is Files getting a new download folder, but it also stores a shared folder via iCloud. So, when collaborating on a file, all your alterations will be saved in real-time. Files can also be connected to an external hard drive, SD cards, and even a USB drive. But, of course, you’ll need the right accessory.       

    With some new and some up-graded version of the old feature, the new iPad is packed with worth features. Supported by Apple pencil and Apple smart keyboard, this iPad serves well to your creative and multitasking capabilities.

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