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    iPhone 12 rumours

    All the iPhone 12 Leaks that We’ve Heard So Far

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    Nishant Swaroop
    Nishant Swaroop Feb 20, 2020

    The end of 2019 saw both Apple fans and tech websites quite optimistic about the 2020 series of iPhones and their features. While most speculations flying around can be termed ‘expectations’, some of them are so bizarre that they seem right out of a comic book (fart sensors and hidden selfie cameras among them)!

    Apple, of course, hasn’t officially announced anything about 2020 iPhones, but we’ve got something for you anyway. Here’s everything we know (or have heard) about the iPhone 12 series.

    The Name

    Considering the previous naming patterns, the 2020 iPhone is expected to be named iPhone 12. Sounds a bit dull, but that’s what it might be. We also think that the company will launch two more versions, iPhone 12 Pro and Max, based on what we got for the iPhone 11 series.

    5G Connectivity

    Yes, it’s finally here! The feature that we’ve all been waiting for might show up this year. Apple is turning back to Qualcomm for the connectivity technology, so we can expect 5G-enabled iPhones in 2020. Qualcomm’s new X55 5G chip can deliver a download speed of up to 7GB/s while the upload speed can be of up to 3GB/s. This will be the first 5G chip that can support all major network deployments and operation modes.


    According to XDA Developers’ Max Weinbach, the iPhone 12 might come with a new Navy Blue flagship colour to replace the Midnight Green finish in the iPhone 11 series. He shared this information with the EverythingApplePro and has been correct with his leaks in the past, so it’s not a far stretch that we might get a gorgeous navy blue finish in 2020.


    Rumours say that we’ll be seeing a major overhaul in design with the new iPhone series. For one, there’s talk that iPhone 12 will have square-edged stainless steel frames like those in iPhone 4. And if you were wondering if the iPhones will be even thinner this year, there’s a strong possibility of that happening.

    We’ve also heard that Apple might just do away with the LCD displays and that all iPhone models might have OLED screens. We’re also expecting touch-integrated screens, opposite to the current setting in which sensors require a small but separate touch panel. If this happens, the screens will be less expensive, thinner, and more energy-efficient.

    Longer Battery Life

    Greater battery life is one feature that we’re always demanding. With the new iPhone 12, Apple might have heard our prayers as they’re likely to have better battery protection circuits that will consume less space. This, in turn, will leave more space for batteries.

    New Processor and RAM

    The new iPhones are going to be faster. Rumours about the new 5-nanometer chips are already out there, which will be smaller, faster, and more energy-efficient. Current iPhones use A13 Bionic chips, and we’re expecting that these will be upgraded to A14 chips in the second quarter of 2020. Similarly, iPhone 12 will also feature 4GB RAM in the base models with 6 or 8 GB RAM respectively in the Pro and Max variants.

    Image Stabilisation

    If we believe the rumours, the new iPhone will also have a new and improved image stabilisation technology. The latest iPhones has optical image stabilisation that uses a gyroscope to reduce jerks. However, the implementation of sensor-shift tech is still in question as it will have different implications on wide, ultra-wide, and telephoto lens.

    As for the elephant in the room… will Apple be introducing foldable screens? To be honest, we don’t see it happening anywhere in the near future but you never know. LG is already kicking off its foldable display production this year. What are you most excited to see this year? Talk to us in the comments.

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