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    iPhone 14 price India

    30% of iPhone 14 Cost in India is Taxes & Duties!

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    At long last, the iPhone 14 is here. Since WWDC 2022, we have all been riding the hype train for the new models. And now that they’re here, we are seeing some mixed response. While the Pro versions have generated quite a lot of interest, iPhone 14 and 14 Plus have undoubtedly been a let down. But the prices? They certainly are a shocker. The (underwhelming) iPhone 14 is priced at Rs 80,000 while the 14 Pro will retail for a whopping Rs 1,29,900!! The iPhone 14 Plus and 14 Pro Max models are priced at Rs 90,000 and  Rs 1,39,000 respectively! 

    But general Apple policies of having over the top pricing aside, why are iPhones in India so expensive?

    It’s Raining Money

    As it turns out, it’s taxes. Color us shocked! In the US, the base variant of the iPhone 14 series sells for $829 + taxes, which is 7%, maybe higher in some states. When converted to Indian lingo, this is spelled as 18% GST. 18%!!!

    But the tale isn’t over yet!

    Apple is going to start manufacturing the iPhone 14 locally. But to get a headstart on sales, they will be importing some handsets, too. Which means, you’ve got to factor in … you guessed it right, custom duties! A 22% on the price before GST amounting to Rs 12,210.34.

    Let’s get to the deets. Don’t worry; we did the math for you! 

    There’s the base price of Rs 55,501.52. 

    Then, there’s 22% custom duties amounting to Rs 12,210.34 

    And then, there’s the 18% GST, which comes to Rs 12,188.14
    The final hit? A mindblowing, wallet-lightening Rs 79,900!

    Let me repeat: We are paying Rs 24,398.48 (18% GST + 22% custom duties) as taxes for the iPhone 14 and Rs 42,720.23 for the Pro variant. 

    That’s insane! How will our fragile hearts bear this tragedy? At least we can look forward to some offers and cashback to lighten the burden. That’ll make just a tiny dent in the bill, but something’s better than nothing, right?

    Are you going to get your iPhone an upgrade? Let us know below!

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