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    iPhone 15 Pro

    Apple’s High and Mighty: 2023 iPhone 15 Pro likely to have top-end connectivity features

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    Prerona Dekaphukan
    Prerona Dekaphukan Feb 9, 2023

    Gosh, how time flies! Just yesterday we were all shouting ‘Happy New Year!’ and now, an entire month has just whizzed by! Call me optimistic, but I am happy ‘cos we’re a month closer to seeing the 2023 Apple products. And with rumour mills working at maximum capacity, we already have exciting new info about the 2023 iPhone 15 Pro. And, if you haven’t heard them yet, I will do the honours!

    The Fifteenth Applemendment 

    Let’s start with a real quick rewind. Just before we bid goodbye to the year of AirPods Pro 2, whispers about a 3 nm-based chip going into production were already making rounds. What does that mean? We might see the much-talked-out A17 bionic chipset coming to this year’s iPhone 15 versions. 

    They say it’s gonna make the device 35% more energy efficient. Even though speculators believed that if the latest version of the bionic chip came to pass, it would find its place in one of the 2023 iPhones 15. 

    Which one, though? Well, you asked, and I answered.

    The latest in the grapevine (read: leaked internal documents) is that Apple’s gonna keep the A17 exclusively for the iPhone 15 Pro series. If an ‌iPhone 15‌ Ultra series is on the cards, we might see the chip in one of those too. Alas! The regular iPhone 15 versions are unlikely to have that privilege!

    Joining the (6) Elite Bunch

    Okay, Wi-Fi 6E isn’t a new kid in the Apple block. The Cupertino giant already has more than a couple of devices that support the network. Hearsay, analysts predicted that Apple would soon bring Wi-Fi 6E to one of its portable devices. The leaked internal document that I was talking about earlier corroborates that iPhone 15 Pro series will enable a faster network. The document, apparently, indicates a D8x antenna that appears to be an insertion to bolster the device’s connectivity.

    Although it would be interesting to find out more about what the high-speed connectivity feature can achieve, we Indians may be a lil late to the party, given that we just got to taste the delights of 5G speed. But, hey, what have we got to lose, right?

    I’m sure we’ll soon hear more about what Apple’s out and about with its 2023 iPhone 15 series. September (hopefully) will confirm everything. Until then, all eyes and ears open!

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