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    iPhone 6C: The Mystery iPhone That’s Coming Soon!!

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    Pooja Ramanujan
    Pooja Ramanujan Dec 29, 2015

    iPhone 5S has replaced iPhone 5C as Apple’s entry level phone. The 5C was killed off, after having lived a short, tortured life on the shelves. However, there’s talk of a new resurgence. It seems highly likely that a 4-inch 6C model might make an appearance next year. So here’s everything we know so far about the iPhone 6C.iPhone 6C or iPhone Mini?

    Opinions are divided on what the phone will be called. With no information coming out of Cupertino, we are left to sift through rumors on the Internet. Although ‘Mini’ is plausible (like with the iPads), we are inclined to believe that ‘iPhone 6C’ will be a more likely option; mostly because it’s familiar to the ears. There are also claims that it will be called iPhone 7C, but we feel the chances of 7C debuting before 7 are negligible.

    When can we expect it to be launched?

    Most big ticket products from Apple are launched at their annual event in September. However, there’s news of an event as early as March 2016. The fact that it also happens to be the first anniversary of the Apple Watch might mean that we might get to see the 6C months early.

    What’s the look and Feel?

    Highly placed sources have predicted that Apple will most certainly launch a 4-inch iPhone model. However, the same certainty cannot be extended to its design. We are not sure if it will follow in the footsteps of its predecessor — the 5C — and be available in multiple colors or like its more popular cousins, will it just come in the standard gold, silver, and space gray versions.

    But given that the iPhone arsenal currently looks like this —— it wouldn’t be too bad to add some color to the lineup!

    Will there be 3D Touch?

    Not likely. The ‘C’ variants of the iPhone are basically budget phones. They do away with all the frivolous details and strip the phones down to their bare minimum. That’s the only way to reduce cost.

    3D Touch (or Force Touch) is arguably Apple’s costliest technology currently. So it would presumably be the first to come under the axe when Apple designs a budget model such as the iPhone 6c.

    Fair enough. But what about the display?

    Here’s where things start to look up. There’s chatter in the market that Apple might use a sapphire display for all their new iPhones, starting from iPhone 6c. When compared to the currently used Gorilla Glass, the Sapphire display offers a higher resistance to damage caused by impact.

    In fact, Apple has already been using this new glass in some of their costlier Apple Watch models. Is it likely that 6C will have Sapphire display? Not likely. Again, for cost reasons.

    Will I have to compromise on power as well?

    We don’t think so. The 5S comes with an A7 chip. And seeing how the 6C might be debuting two years after 5C, we expect Apple to at least fit in an A8 chip. That’s more than enough computing power for a smartphone. However, if they do go with the A8 chip, you might not get the Live Photos feature, since it demands an A9 processor.

    The A8, however, does support NFC — a feature missing from the 5S. So we hope that Apple Pay will feature on the new iPhone.

    What about the camera?

    In all likelihood, the camera on iPhone 6c will not get any significant upgrade over the 5S. It’s possible the 6C will have the 8 MP lens (the same as the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus); but that’s nothing to be sad about. Because if we’ve learned one thing from Apple, it’s that they never ever disappoint you with their camera!

    And how about storage and connectivity

    The standard variations of 16 GB will definitely be available. The more expensive 64 GB models, on the other hand, might not make an appearance. As regards to the network, we hope that Apple will provide 4G LTE, especially if it wants to capture big markets like India where 4G is fast catching up.

    So how big a hole is it going to leave in my pocket?

    To be frank, we have no clue!! There are two reasons why.

    Firstly, Apple has been making a lot of price adjustments lately. We have seen iPhone prices drop by as much as half in the last couple of months! So until Apple gets its price policy right, we would rather not venture a guess.

    Secondly, because the 6C is a budget phone, and not a flagship product, its price bracket will be really flexible. It all depends on what feature Apple chooses to keep and what it plans on leaving out. And because the configuration is not fixed, it becomes really hard to estimate a price.

    We know that all of this is just speculation and if the iPhone 6c is the real deal will only be known in March, or September, or whenever the phone’s launched. But that isn’t going to stop us from being excited, does it?


    1. Falguni Dehury says:

      Oh…apple lunch a new phone 7s….i like it….

    2. Jobert says:

      Its fake

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