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    After iPhone SE, Desi iPhone 6s is Coming

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    Apple’s Taiwanese manufacturer Wistron corp is reportedly finalising the deal to secure another 100 acres of land in Bangalore, the silicon valley of India.

    To expand its presence in India, the firm is likely to invest $157 million to set-up the manufacturing site for iPhone 6s. Currently, Wistron produces only iPhone SE (therefore, the cheapest iPhone for us, unless you have a mamaji/chachaji living in America.

    For Wistron, the iPhone 6s which was launched back in 2015, is the logical step for Indian manufacturing (5 points to Modiji’s Make in India scheme). The iPhone 6s remains popular in India because of its low price compared to newer iPhones like iPhone 8 an and iPhone X, making it one of the few Apple products that many of us can buy without draining our bank accounts.

    Local assembling of iPhone 6s would help save on import taxes and bring down the rates even more. Recently the increased custom duty (15% to 20%) on imported electronic products announced in FM Arun Jaitely’s 2018 Budget, resulted in Apple to raise the price of all the iPhones except iPhone SE.

    Last year when Wistron started to manufacture iPhone SE in India, there was a lot of speculation, but the gamble has worked quite in their favour, which is why they are now adding the assembly iPhone 6s as well. Seeing all this, other Apple manufacturers Foxconn and Pegatron are also reported looking for opportunities to expand their manufacturing presence in India. Achhe din ahead?

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