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iPhone 7 and iPhone SE Likely to Get Surprising Updates in March

iPhone 7 iPhone SE

While all of us are busy speculating about the features and release date of the next iPhone version, Apple is quietly planning surprise updates for the existing models. It is being reported that both iPhone 7 and iPhone SE will be given stage time at the upcoming March event. 

iPhone 7 – Colour Me Red

If you remember, there were talks of Apple releasing a Jet White iPhone 7 at the beginning of this year. While that rumour has slowly died down, we are hearing fresh news about the addition of a new colour to the iPhone 7 lineup – Red!

We feel that the announcement of a new Red iPhone 7 is much more plausible than the Jet White model. This is because Apple has released red versions of many of its flagship products as a part of the Product Red initiative (which funds AIDs research and treatment). Although iPhones haven’t yet been a part of the Product Red campaign, we can see Apple taking a step in that direction.

iPhone SE – I Need More Space

Not to be left behind, iPhone SE is also likely to get a noteworthy update at the March event. However, this time the talking point will be the storage upgrade. Currently, iPhone SE comes with two storage options – 16GB and 64GB. Apple is expected to change that by adding a higher 128GB model next month.

The storage update of iPhone SE will make a lot of sense, especially considering that all other current iPhone models now offer 32GB and 128GB as the base and mid-level storage options respectively. It would have been ideal to bring iPhone SE at par with other iPhones, but the addition of 128GB will at least give the lovers of the smaller iPhone an option to get high-end storage.

March – More To Look Forward To

We were already looking forward to the announcement of new iPads at Apple’s March event, and now with the addition of these iPhone 7 and iPhone SE updates, the keynote will be much more exciting!!

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