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iPhone 7 Camera Will Finally Get The Much Awaited Feature

iPhone 7 camera

We’ve already written numerous posts about iPhone 7 rumours. And we thought that we’d covered every single rumour out there. But we were wrong. With less than a month remaining for the launch of the iPhone 7, we’re back with yet another news, this time concerning the iPhone 7 camera! 

iPhone 7 is going to have optical image stabilisation!!

Users of iPhone 6 and 6S have always envied their beefier cousins for having optical image stabilisation. But that’s about to change with iPhone 7 and the Plus models won’t be the only ones to sport this feature.

An image leaked by Nowhereelse.fr shows the camera that will supposedly be used in the new phone.

iPhone 7 camera leak

From what can be seen, the new image shows a cutout in the frame holding the camera. Experts believe that these are meant to house the spring systems that allow the camera to “float” inside its holder. This spring mechanism is what allows the iPhone to steady the photos taken by a shaky hand!

The guess comes from observing similar cuts in the iPhone 7 camera sockets. As mentioned, the technology was available only on the Plus versions of the previous iterations,. However, with the iPhone 7, it seems likely to appear on both the Plus as well as the smaller model. 

The image stabilisation mechanism is also believed to be even more effective this time around since it will have 4 springs attached to it, instead of the regular 2/3 springs.

iPhone 7 camera leak

Plus Still Gets the Bragging Rights!

While optical image stabilisation is great news for those who prefer smaller sized iPhones, we have a feeling this has been done to compensate them for what they’re losing out on –  the dual lens camera that the iPhone 7 Plus will come equipped with. Damn!

To be honest, there’s really no point speculating right now. We’ll get to see the real thing in just a fortnight anyway. So to dissect the rumours layer by layer in search of truth is an exercise in futility.

But then, we’re all junkies and can’t help but pounce at the smallest of rumours, as if we don’t have enough crazy stories to feed our imaginations already! So guys, let’s all take a break from this incessant, shameless rumour mongering. Because if I have to write another post about what the iPhone 7 is “likely to have” or what “we might get to see”, I swear, I am going to jump off a cliff!


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