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    iPhone 8 Launch Day Interviews: Reasons Why These People Lined Up to Buy The New Models

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    Apple’s new additions to their iPhone lineup – iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X – were announced during the September 12 event. Since the official launch, iPhone X pronounce “iPhone Ten”) has been the one hogging all the limelight. But our attendance of the iPhone 8 launch event told a different story altogether. The event was abuzz with excitement for the flashy new iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. We interviewed a few of the event attendees and here’s what they had to say about the all-new iPhone 8

    Cost Difference

    For those who don’t mind shelling out a few (thousand) extra bucks for an entry-level iPhone X, there’s no problem at all! But for some of us, our bank balance still determines our choices. Agreeing with us, an event attendee, Anjali Srivastava, said that she would be sticking to the cheaper variant instead of the oh-so-expensive model.

    In an ideal world everyone would like to get their hands on an iPhone X, but in a practical world, not many can afford it. And to be honest, I would love to own bragging rights to the iPhone X, and as a tech geek, I am entitled to it too. But not all of us are privileged enough. Until then, the iPhone 8 presents as a compelling option.

    Design Preference

    While some of you may be in awe of the redesigned iPhone X, the smartphone has also seen its fair share of haters. Manish Arora, an Apple enthusiast, mentioned during the interview,  “I am not willing to let go of the diminutive, easy-to-use-in-one-hand dimensions. I would rather prefer a compact easy to hold device instead of massive display.”

    Manish Arora, an Apple enthusiast, mentioned during the interview:  “I am not willing to let go of the diminutive, easy-to-use-in-one-hand dimensions. I would rather prefer a compact easy to hold device instead of massive display.”

    Thanks to its uncomfortably large screen (So not ideal for the “Not Safe For Work” stuff) and the almost ugly odd top notch (especially in white), users are willing to let go of the oh-so-beautiful iPhone X.

    Regardless, the iPhone X’s OLED display is a major factor to be considered, but many are leaning towards the familiar traditional design of the iPhone as both the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus feature True Tone Technology and are HDR compliant.

    Upgrade Cycle

    For those of you holding your horses, now’s the time to upgrade. Before you hurl an empty chequebook at us asking us to reconsider our statement, we questioned several customers about why would they like to upgrade to the new models despite the similar iPhone 7 design and Shilpa Sharma said, “I wanted to switch from my iPhone 6 and have been waiting for a good enough iPhone for so long. Happy to know that the new features are in line with our expectations. ”

    The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus comes with significant upgrades like Apple’s True Tone Tech, boost in responsiveness and app loading time, iOS 11 and the A11 SoC. For those looking to upgrade from their iPhone 5S, 5C and 6, but aren’t too keen to blow up their budgets, the iPhone 8 is a good option


    Apart from the price, one of the biggest factors which might take a toll on the sales of the iPhone X will be the supply of the device. “Festive season is nearby, and I promised to gift my wife an iPhone this Diwali, but it seems like the iPhone 8, and 8 Plus are the only options available, ”said Mohit Mehra. Apple has made only two choices available for purchase during the festive season, which lets us save almost Rs. 13000, just saying!

    Similar Features

    The question is, why to spend extra when you can get the identical features such wireless charging, A11 chipset, a faster and improved iOS 11, etc. (Apart from gaining respect in the tech world of course!).

    As for the selfie-obsessed millennia, all three iPhones share the similar dual camera setup with improved picture quality, thanks to Apple’s improved optics and hardware processing.

    The significant change from the Apple iPhone 8  and 8 Plus to iPhone X is the (weird looking) bezel-less design and the replacement of fingerprint scanner with facial recognition. In addition to that, the iPhone maker also decided to ditch the physical home button in its premium variant. While we still mourn the loss of our beloved Touch ID (R.I.P), Apple offered some respite by keeping the traditional design in the iPhone 8 variants.

    BONUS: iPhone 8 Unboxing Video by Team AppleSutra

    We shot an iPhone 8 Plus Unboxing video just minutes after the official launch. You can watch the quick video here:


    Special thanks to iZenica for inviting us to the launch event of iPhone 8, where we shot this video and were able to speak to the very first people who got their hands on the brand new iPhone!

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