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    iPhone 8 Launch Might Get Delayed by 2 Months. Sorry Guys!

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    Amit Srivatsa
    Amit Srivatsa May 1, 2017

    The iPhone 8 was supposed to be released in early September this year. However, latest news on the block is that we might have to wait a couple of months more for the iPhone 8 launch.

    As reported by 9to5Mac —

    The iPhone 8 may not be in customer’s hands until late October or November.

    While there is no proof, analysists have a rough consensus as to why this delay is happening. The reason appears to be production line delays which are a direct result of “Apple’s desire to use many custom-designed parts.”

    Curved OLED display is the biggest culprit.

    While the display is not the only part causing delays, it’s certainly one of the biggest contributors. Earlier rumours had hinted that Samsung was going to mass produce the glass display. However, Apple has apparently pushed the production to late June, thus delaying the entire production process of the iPhone 8.

    Battery and overheating issues.

    The wireless charging components are also not being delivered on time. Apple wants a bigger battery, which can be accommodated only by making the circuit board smaller. However, this is making the motherboard too stuffed, and creating heating issues.

    “Apple is demanding a much smaller printed circuit board than in previous iPhones to make room for a bigger battery.”

    Three iPhones to be launched this year.

    Two models are going to be small upgrades over the existing 7 models. Therefore, it’s safe to call them “iPhone 7s.” The more exciting release, however, is going to be the iPhone 8 launch. There were also rumours that this iPhone might be called iPhone X, noting as this is the 10th-anniversary edition of the iPhone, which was first launched in 2007.

    All these are only rumours still, and we will have to wait and see which of them hold any water.

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