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    Battery Replacement Can Boost your iPhone’s Performance

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    Do you have an iPhone whose battery is perfect despite its age? In this fast-paced, internet savvy world, you’re lucky to make it to mid-afternoon before the power gives out. It is a common dilemma. Or perhaps you have noticed that your iPhone seems to be slower than it was before? Apple recently admitted that iOS might hinder performance if it identifies an older battery. The slowdown intents to allow older iPhones to perform tasks without instantaneously shutting down.

    Unfortunately, all lithium-ion batteries lose capacity over time. One of the best solutions is replacing the battery, as it will effectively buy your iPhone a few more years of useful service. It will also solve the slowdown issue, because iOS will treat the new battery, like a new battery.

    A recent video posted by Bennett Sorbo compares an iPhone 6s with an exhausted battery against one with a fresh battery. The two iPhones are then put to test through a variety of CPU-intensive tasks, including opening apps, using the internet, playing games, and many more. Although the video does not make it clear whether the battery replacement was done by Apple or via a third part, it does demonstrate just how much of a difference replacing your iPhone battery can have in its daily run.

    In the Geekbench assessment, the old iPhone battery scores a single-core score of 1437 and a multi-core score of 2485. Meanwhile, the iPhone with the new battery scored a 2520 and 4412 respectively. Now that is quite an improvement!

    In the aftermath of the controversy which broke earlier this year, Apple announced that it would cut down the price of battery replacement of an out-of-warranty iPhone to just $29. To know more about the battery replacement programs, visit https://theasutra.com/blog/iphone-slowdown-battery-replacement-cost/

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