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    iPhone image format

    Image, Image On My iPhone. Can You Be Compatible With All?

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    Remember when life used to be so much easier when you could click a photo, send the image to your fried, and the he/she could just click & view it? Just that. No worrying about file configuration, no fretting about quality loss. I loved those good old days. 

    Then came Apple’s innovative HEIC/HEVC image format. I adapted. And to be honest, I liked it because they took up less storage space. But sending those images to non-iPhone users became a struggle. Many a times, I would forget that their phones wouldn’t support the format, and I’d have to resend everything all over again. Cumbersome, to say the least! It fell on me to convert the images format before sending it across.

    Not anymore, though. I don’t have to go hither and thither to convert the files before shooting them off. I recently discovered that I could take pictures in the dear old, highly compatible JPEG format simply by making a few setting changes. 

    So comrades, if you share my sentiments, here’s a little thing you have to do –

    Go to ‘Settings’ on your iPhone or iPad

    Select ‘Camera’. 

    Scroll to find ‘Formats’

    Set to ‘Most Compatible’. 

    And ta’da! You’re done!

    Retrace the steps, and hit the ‘High Efficiency’ option to switch back to HEIC, if you feel like it.

    While we are at it, here’s something else you can try –

    Open ‘Settings’ 

    Head to ‘Photos’

    Scroll, scroll, scroll

    Stop at Transfer to Mac or PC 

    Select ‘Automatic’.

    Et Voila! Your HEIC files will be automatically converted to JPEG when transferring from your iPhone to your computer.

    What say, gonna give it a try?

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