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    Now Communicate In 90 Languages From Your iPhone Keyboard

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    If you haven’t already yet heard about it, ‘iTranslate’ – one of the best translation apps you can find – was updated about three weeks ago. The latest version, 8.4, has some nifty features, the most interesting one being the keyboard extension that can translate between more than 90 languages!

    Assuming you have already have the latest version of iTranslate app on your phone, setting up the keyboard takes just a few minutes. Head towards Settings > General > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard > iTranslate. To access the keyboard, select the Globe sign on the stock iOS keyboard. Pretty easy, isn’t it?

    Another good thing about this keyboard extension is that it can be used in most iOS 8-compatible apps, This means that instead of opening iTranslate to make a translation, you can do it on the go in your favorite application, like WhatsApp, mail or even Twitter for that matter!

    Not only this, the newly-updated ‘iTranslate’ also brings a Glance to the Apple Watch app that, by the way, can help you translate faster! Just select the language you’d like to translate to and tap the ‘microphone’ icon. The app will convert your voice to text and translate it then and there.

    This is some great technology right here folks, and it’s at your fingertips. Literally!

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