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    iPhone Dodges a Bullet. Literally!

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    Pooja Ramanujan
    Pooja Ramanujan Sep 11, 2015

    iPhone has added yet another skill to its ever-increasing list of features: that of saving lives. That’s right! An iPhone apparently saved its owner’s life during a mugging last week by taking a bullet for him. Whoa!

    According to Fresno Bee, the local online magazine, the victim –  24-year-old graduate student at California State University, Fresno – was coming back to his apartment at night when he was mugged. A robber tried to snatch his laptop bag at gunpoint. As a struggle ensued, the assailant fired at the student. Luckily enough, the bullet got deflected by the iPhone tucked in the victim’s pocket.  

    Although the poor victim escaped unharmed, his phone’s screen was shattered. Heart-broken for his phone and scared for his life, the student packed his bags the next morning and left town.

    While the Fresco Police Department hasn’t commented on this incident, the gunman still roams freely. But maybe, the next time he thinks of mugging someone, he will make sure they’re not protected by the mighty iPhone.

    Isn’t it ironical? We spend all our lives looking for a hero to inspire us, but little do we know that he’s already so close to us, sometimes right there in our pockets. Keep your iPhone close, friends. You never know when you might needs to be rescued!

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