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    iPhone SE Rumors: Confusing and Conflicting

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    Varun Bhatia
    Varun Bhatia Jul 23, 2017

    Two recent iPhone SE rumours have thrown the tech world in a heated debate. The question is simple: Is the iPhone SE dead? Or is it still alive and kicking?

    A report from AppleInsider said —

    “A pair of rumors in the last few days have totally conflicting reports on the future of the iPhone SE, and in all likelihood, neither of them are correct.”

    Let’s look at the two iPhone SE rumours that started all the debate:

    Iphone se is dead

    One of the leading tech news “leakers”, Pan Jiutang, yesterday posted a mysterious and ambiguous update on his wall. While the wording is a little bit obscure, most analysts conclude that it spells “doom for iPhone SE”. Meaning that Apple is killing the product and it will not be upgraded anymore.

    All was well (or not well, depending on how you look) until an image of an “Assembled in India” iPhone SE leaked on the internet.

    Iphone se is alive

    Surely the image meant that Apple is still producing the phone and that too in a plant it has just set up — something it wouldn’t have done had it been thinking of killing the phone.

    Which gave birth to the second of our iPhone SE rumours — a new source reported by AppleInsider that claims “the iPhone SE will get a hardware update at the end of August, and a lower price with it starting at 399 euro for a 32GB model, as opposed to the current 489 euro pricing.”

    An immediate refresh seems improbable, especially since this year they wouldn’t want you to focus anything other than the special edition iPhone!

    The Truth

    The truth, as always, is somewhere between the two rumours. iPhone SE is not fully dead. Nor will it get any immediate upgrades. It’s likely to follow a two-year refresh cycle until it eventually dies out and goes out of production. But it is not this day! This day is more balanced.

    As the report continued:

    “Certainly an upgrade in the fall with a new processor would be possible, but a more likely scenario is a two-year cycle, with the device getting the A10 Fusion (or perhaps A11) processor in the spring of 2018, allowing it to smooth out seasonal income dips in much the same way that the iPhone SE did in 2016.”

    We thought that the rumour mill worked on exclusive the latest iPhones. How wrong were we? These conflicting iPhone SE rumours show that people will happily engage in gossip-mongering as long as it’s about an iPhone. Any iPhone.

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