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iPhone 6S Beats the Latest Samsung Models to Become World’s Top Selling Smartphone of 2016

iPhone 6S sales

It would be safe to say that 2016 will not go down as a happy memory for Samsung. The year started on a promising note with Galaxy Note 7 getting splendid reviews from tech experts and users alike. But reviews aren’t of much use when devices start exploding in your face!  Samsung was forced into a global recall of the Note 7 and things went downhill from there.

Apple’s iPhone 7 hit the stores just in time to steal the disgruntled Note 7 customers. To makes matter worse, comparative tests found iPhone 7 to be much superior to Note 7. By the end of the year, Apple had not just eaten Samsung’s profits, but also took over the number 1 smartphone vendor crown.

As if the mega failure of its flagship device and the resultant market share loss wasn’t enough to confirm 2016 as a horror year for Samsung, a new study has declared that Apple’s 2-year-old phone – iPhone 6S – has beaten all new Samsung devices to emerge as the number one selling smartphone of 2016. That’s gonna hurt!

A report published by IHS Markit, a respected name in critical information, analytics and solutions domain, has listed the names of top selling smartphones for 2016. Apple dominates the list by capturing top 4 spots, with Samsung claiming 5 of the remaining 6 places.

It might seem surprising that the older iPhone 6S outsold the latest iPhone 7 but it makes sense when you consider that iPhone 7 went on sale only in the last quarter of the year. The real surprise is that the iPhone 6S dominated the latest Samsung models as well.

The iPhone 7 vs Galaxy Note 7 race was a non-starter with the latter forced to withdraw prematurely. But we expected Samsung to put up a tough fight against the older iPhones.

The humiliation must surely be killing Samsung and we know that they aren’t going to take it lying down. Just a couple of days back, Samsung announced the gorgeous looking S8 and S8+. It’s a clear message to the world that they are coming back with a vengeance.

As Apple fans, we are also cheering for Samsung to make a strong return. It will push Apple to bring out their A game if they want to maintain their lead. A weak opponent guarantees a win, but a tough antagonist makes the victory epic!

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