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    Lost All Your Precious iPhone Data? Joyoshare Is Here To Help!

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    Team Applesutra
    Team Applesutra Sep 10, 2018

    Okay, folks, the inevitable happened! You lost or destroyed or bricked your iPhone, and you, don’t have a data backup. Panic ensues. A pool of tears is flooding the room. Yeah, we know you have sensitive data on your phone. Don’t worry. As we said, we are here to help. But first, it’s time for some life lessons!

    Maintaining a back up of your iPhone is one of the smartest decisions you can make. Reality check? Even though it’s vital, not everyone does it. Now, let’s get back to the problem at hand.

    You are devastated and sentimental about 1000+ lost selfies and trove of boomerangs. You’ll do anything, anything, to get those lost files back. Relax! We aren’t asking you to offer up your firstborn or a kidney to do so. We’ve scoured the web and found this magical piece of software that specialises in recovery of your precious pictures, documents, music, videos and lot more. This might be the solution you need to get you out of the pickle you currently find yourself in.

    Enter Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery

    As the name suggests, Joyoshare is a data recovery software that has been developed to help troubled souls like you to recover lost data, irrespective of the cause. So, whether the data loss occurred by a system crash, accidental deletion, upgrade failure or plain old clumsiness, Joyoshare will be able to resurrect your data back to life in just a few clicks. Impressive right?

    Here’s another good news. Joyoshare doesn’t discriminate between Mac and Windows users. This bad boy is available for both Windows and Mac OS and is capable of recovering more than 20 types of lost data from iOS devices including iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Before you ask, yes it’s compatible with the latest iOS 12 too.

    Since we are on the topic of compatibility, Joyoshare gels well with the following Mac OS versions.

    • Mac OSX 10.6
    • Mac OSX 10.7
    • Mac OSX 10.8
    • Mac OSX 10.9
    • Mac OSX 10.10
    • Mac OSX 10.11
    • Mac OSX 10.12
    • Mac OSX 10.13

    Now the features list that you’ve been waiting for. Drum roll, please … and the highlights are …

    Smart Recovery Modes

    Joyoshare offers you three different recovery modes to retrieve your lost data. Because who doesn’t love to be spoilt for choices! Here are the methods you can use:

    • Recover from iOS devices
    • Recover from iTunes backup
    • Recover from cloud backup

    Capable Of Recovering 20+ File Types

    Another impressive feature of Joyoshare is its ability to recover more than 20 file types including pictures, videos, contacts, SMS, voice memo, notes, call logs, WhatsApp history, Safari Bookmarks, Facebook messenger data, voicemail and as you can see the list runs long.

    Offers A Sneak Peak Of Files Before Recovery

    What if we told you that you could pick out the unnecessary cache files, logs, app localisations, and image files that were clogging your phone’s arteries and flush them into the digital ether before restoring all your lost data? Well, now you can. Joyoshare offers you a snapshot of all the files before you set foot on the path of data recovery. So, during the scanning process, the preview option allows you to verify the files that need to be restored, making it easier for us to sift through the data.

    Encrypted Backups? Not A Problem!

    If you are one of those who is indelibly dealing with an issue of forgetting passwords for encrypted backups, we got good news! Lucky for you, Joyoshare supports encrypted backups and is capable of recovering data in an encoded format from your iOS device.

    User-Friendly UI

    One failing that has bothered us in many apps is a complicated UI. Don’t you just hate when these data recovery softwares trigger your ADD with confusing interfaces and annoying bells and whistles? Thankfully, Joyoshare, robust yet simple software makes the road to recovery so much easier! All you need to do is install the software, pick the apt recovery mode, initiate scanning, preview the files and hit recover!

    The Final Verdict

    If you are among the mere mortals who hit ‘Remind Later’ every time the iTunes backup notification pops up, then you, my friend have felt the agonising loss of data from your iPhone. All those lost pictures, cat videos and memes still make us get all teary eyed. It’s just too much to bear!

    But thank the lord for the data recovery software. And so far, Joyoshare has turned out to be quite impressive and reliable software with an easy to use UI.

    Final thoughts: don’t lose your digital memories or documents by backing them up frequently, and in case you do lose them, again, turn to Joyoshare to recover the lost treasure. Click on the link to download the software. 

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