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    Wild Card Entry: Braided Lightning Cable With iPhone 12 Shipping Box!

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    Ariz Suban
    Ariz Suban Jul 22, 2020

    Is the ‘no-EarPods-no-adapter in the shipping box‘ the latest news you’ve heard regarding iPhone 12? Well, the iPhone 12 charger saga doesn’t end there! Apple is reportedly planning for a braided lightning cable in the iPhone 12 shipping box which will definitely be more hard-wearing than the current in-box cable.

    According to leaked photos (and multiple Twitter sources), the cable is to be a USB-C to lightning cable with a braided design instead of a standard one. This confirms that Apple will keep the lightning connector on the next generation iPhone instead of USB-C. Here’s all that is rumoured.

    No More Turtleneck?

    One of the most common complaints about the standard cable was its ability to be turtle-necked. Whether it’s a careless plug-in or out, there was a chance the cord could get multiple folds at the joint. And I might not be all that fashion-savvy, but isn’t turtleneck a thing of the 90s? The freshly rumoured braided lightning cable would solve complaints related to the durability of lightning cables by making them a lot tougher. The designs, thus, have the potential to be more durable than standard rubber-coated cables.

    Rumoured Specs

    As per the sources, the new iPhone braided charging cable measures 1.05 meters, similar to Apple’s current 1-meter cables. As far as the thickness is concerned, the cable is slightly thicker than the current USB-C to lightning cable, measuring in at 3.04mm.

    The Selling Point – Durability

    Along with a braided design, the new cables might feature silver contacts with rhodium-plated ruthenium at the edges, making it more durable after prolonged usage. An additional advantage is that the rhodium-plated ruthenium is resistant to corrosion.

    Apple’s new braided USB-C to lightning cable may be the only accessory that ships with its 2020 iPhones. And with the rumours that there’s not going to be EarPods or Adapter in the box, this comes with a little relief. What do you think?

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