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    MacBook Air 2020

    Meet the MacBook Air 2020: Apple’s Powerful Little Beast!

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    Ariz Suban
    Ariz Suban Mar 19, 2020

    Apple has just introduced the MacBook Air 2020 and WE ARE IN AWE! The new MacBook, priced at ₹92,990 in India, is faster, cheaper, and more capable than ever.

    Scaling down significantly from the MacBook Air 2018’s launch-price of ₹1,14,900, the 2020 variant replaces the infamous Butterfly Keyboard with the ‘Magic’ scissor-switch Keyboard, doubles the storage capacity, and integrates way better graphics!

    On the outside, the latest MacBook looks pretty much the same. However, it’s loaded with some awesome hardware upgrades on the inside. What else does the little beast hold within? Check them out:

    What’s New

    MacBook Air India
    Image Source: Apple.com

    Scissor In, Butterfly Out

    The new Magic Keyboard, with the updated scissor-switch design and inverted-T arrow keys, is a noteworthy replacement of the butterfly keyboard. You’ll know our love-hate relationship with this keyboard if you’ve been following us for a while, so believe us when we say we’re not sad to see it go!

    Monster Graphics

    Apple was all-generous on the graphics with this one. With an upgrade to Intel Iris Plus, the MacBook Air 2020 is now capable of powering a humongous 6K external display! Apple says that this will provide an 80% faster graphics performance over its predecessor, something we know gamers and video editors on a budget will be thankful for.

    Upgraded Storage and Processing

    The latest MacBook Air uses the latest 10th-generation Intel Core i3 processor, which can be further upgraded to i7! And once upgraded to its full capabilities, the new MacBook Air 2020 performance can be twice as fast. Also, instead of the 128GB SSD, the MacBook Air will have the base storage capacity of 256GB, which can further be increased to 2TB (with additional bucks, of course).

    The Verdict

    MacBook Air 2020
    Image Source: Apple.com

    Apple’s new powerhouse of a machine is faster with the updated 10th-gen processor, has more base storage, and awesome graphics—all for less money. Though the new MacBook Air 2020 does have less battery life (about 11-12 hours), the compromise doesn’t seem all that bad to me with the better keyboard and such great specifications. In fact, we might even call it a steal! What do you think?

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