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    The Curious Case of Falling Macbook Prices in India

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    In India, Macbooks have always been the poster child of the elite class. Whenever we come across a Mac user, we instinctively assume them to be sitting on a fat wallet. Only natural when you consider the hefty price tags they carry in our country. But now, for some unknown reason, the price barrier is being lowered.

    Till about a few months back, Macbook Pro (non-retina model) was selling in India at an official price of Rs. 78,900. Thanks to student discounts and promotions, you could expect a yearly price-cut of Rs.10,000. The discounted price of Rs. 68,900 was lucrative enough to tempt many of those sitting on the fence.

    However, in the last two months, the fences seem to have been taken down altogether. It started with Apple slashing the retail price to the amazing, not to mention highly tempting, amount of Rs. 64,500. No student discounts. No limited period validity. It was the new price. Needless to say sales shot through the roof within days.

    The price reduction came just a few days after Apple’s yearly keynote related to updates on Macbook models. All retina Macbook Pro’s got specs bump, while the non-retina model was ignored altogether. This may have led to speculations that the non-retina model would soon be discounted. So the price-cut might be triggered by that to clear stocks. However, no one knows for sure.

    Whatever the reason, the new (and much more sensible) prices made people sit up and take notice. Instead of dismissing it as a prerogative of the rich, they now had the luxury of thinking of buying it. But the game didn’t end there.

    Within days, online retailers like Amazon, Snapdeal, and Flipkart started offering further discounts on this model. Prices hovered around Rs. 59,000, and eventually dropped to as low as Rs. 55,999. That was an absolute steal!

    To put it into perspective for you, a refurbished Macbook Pro is currently selling for $929, which roughly converts to Rs. 56,000. With taxes, the cost came to Rs. 60,000. The very same model is available in India for Rs. 55,999.

    What this means is that a refurbished Macbook (which is the cheapest a Macbook can get) in the US (which is the cheapest place to buy a Macbook) has a higher price tag than a new Macbook in India. Go figure!

    Like we said before, we don’t know for sure why the Macbooks are getting so much love from Apple in India. The reason is not that important either. What’s important is that the barrier is being lifted, allowing many more people to join the Apple family.

    We would like to conclude by saying that if you’re in the market for a new laptop, this is the best time to buy a Macbook Pro. This is the best possible price …. or is it? Diwali deals are right around the corner, you know. Maybe Apple has a bigger gift in waiting. Or, maybe not! Either way, your call. You decide whether to play blind or fold.

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